Goodbye Double Dragon, Hello... Sons of Asena.

With Roady gone from Double Dragon,there are no original members left in the band.

Here's an update from Liggy and the guys in Double Dragon...

"We have shows booked as Double Dragon and will be playing those shows / album launches as scheduled. After this, we will record an EP. But we will not be calling ourselves Double Dragon.  The band will change names to Sons Of Asena.

The line up for this new band debuting sometime in 2012 will be:

Liam Weedall - Drums
Davin Buttery - Guitar
Josh Lamonte  - Bass
Shane Carroll - Guitar
Lee Gardiner - Vocals

We want to start anew, and we feel we can write much better music under a new name that represents us as a unit. All members, even our new guitarist Shano, were massive parts of our the Sons Of Asena album, and instead of it being 'the end' of Double Dragon, we now see it as a new beginning.

In a way, Sons Of Asena is both the first Sons Of Asena album, and the last Double Dragon album at the same time.

As Sons Of Asena, the music will be changing. We will be tapping into our death metal influences, and also delving into more abstract and unconventional forms of music. The track Asena from the album Sons Of Asena is a good example of where we are going musically, although with this line up there are no rules. It's really hard to say what music we will make, because until we nut it all out who the fuck knows.. but the beauty of this particular line up is we don't play for genre rules or anything like that, we will write the best sounding music we can and whatever it sounds like that is what it will be. I can see in my third eye us being more Tool like, with flourishes of extreme death metal. Sons Of Asena will be light and shade, night and day, beautiful one minute and ugly as fuck the next. But who knows, we could write reggae or jazz if we wanted to and ya know what we just might in the future.

This line up will also be playing as Double Dragon for all shows currently booked in 2012, but after that you will need to book Sons Of Asena.

We will have new merch and new songs by the end of the year.

The last Double Dragon show in Adelaide will be in May at a big festival. Please support!  The last Double Dragon shows in Melbourne are in May.The last Double Dragon shows in Queensland start in April. The last Double Dragon show EVER is in Sydney on August 25.


To Book Sons OF Asena please contact:

Please - no show offers before September 2012 as we are fully booked"