Groan: Unleash the Thunder Boogie!

New Album out now in the US!


UK "Doom 'n' Roll" band Groan has just released its sophomore album The Divine Right of Kings in America this past week (October 26) via SoulSeller Records. The follow up to the group's 2009 debut The Sleeping Wizard was produced by Groan guitarist Dan Wainwright and mastered by drummer Chris West.

Featuring 10 colossal tracks of the band's doomy classic rock, the album's title refers to the theory that kings are chosen by God to reign over their kingdoms and therefore are not accountable for their actions to their subjects, but only to God. It's often mentioned in relation to King Charles I, whose execution was totally unprecedented and radical.

"We wanted to make sure that if the Mayans were right about 2012 being the last year of existence that we were having a good time when the Earth explodes," says singer Mazzereth. "Let's have a beer, cut loose and shake our asses to the righteous THUNDER BOOGIE."

The track list for The Divine Right of Kings is as follows:

Weeping Jesus

Sacrificial Virgins

Magic Man


Atomic Prophets

Gods of Fire

How Black Was Our Sabbath

Let's All Have a Pint at The Crooked Cock

Black Death

The Divine Right of Kings