Womb of the Desert Sun: New Album Due Next Month

Another doomy duo lumbers onto the scene... on October 20th.


Womb of the Desert Sun is Connecticut’s answer to a call for music heavily steeped in the ancient tradition of doom/drone/chaoticore (think Eyehategod, Unsane, Bloodlet, Godflesh & High On Fire).  This newly formed two-piece, whose popularity continues to grow alongside other two-piece bands like Black Cobra, Mares of Thrace and The Body, stand out in so much as it consists of drums and bass. “Guitars just weren’t able to reach the dark and desperate places I was trying translate from my own life experiences” notes bass player/vocalist Chris Grosso whose instruments of choice are traditionally drums and guitar. “I hadn’t picked up a bass in over 15 years but knew I needed to in order to write these songs. “

Having played in such notable CT bands as Groundzero (Seize Records),  Pristina (TPLTR) & Three Ways Til Tuesday (D-Monic Records) Chris and Mike Banfield (drums) both played an integral role in feeding the punk/hardcore scene of the early 90’s. “When we were in high school and other kids were going to dances on weekends, we were playing shows at various clubs, VFWs, basements, backyards, parking lots, really anywhere we could plug in,” says Grosso. He also notes, “Mike and I were in our first band together when we were 15 and have been in various bands off and on since, so this project is completely natural and organic for us.”

In their 18+ years involved in punk/hardcore, Chris & Mike have shared the stage with acts such as Agnostic Front, Eyehategod, Snapcase, 25 ta Life, Today Is the Day, Converge, Dashboard Confessional, Cave In, Hatebreed, Mares of Thrace, Mastodon, Piebald, Kiss It Goodbye, Candiria and more.