Wretch: The Senseless Violence EP

Wretch Your Heart Out

Wretch: ‘The Senseless Violence EP’

Released and streaming….


The Senseless Violence; this first offering of utter grinding, unreconstructed filth is brought to you by recently established Canberra outfit Wretch.


Taking influences from Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Pig Destroyer the band drudge through, with feet firmly planted in both extreme metal blast-fests and old-school grinding grooves; Wretch consists of experienced members of the metal fraternity who should probably know better….


This 15 minute self-released, instantly addictive, adjectively overbearing EP is a prelude to a full-length album to be released in early 2013.


Now streaming and free for download at http://fvckingshitcvnt.bandcamp.com/