Cabin Fever: Hearing Voices

EP launch this Friday...

Home grown melodic hardcore band Cabin Fever have released their debut EP Voices, propelling the eager Perth band deeper into the Australian hardcore scene. Highlight track Hard Yards effortlessly captures the raw energy and soul that characterises Cabin Fever’s blunt attitude to song writing and performance. It’s edgy, sharp and boasts catchy melodies with a hint of punk, setting Cabin Fever apart from run of the mill acts.

Determined to convey the integrity of their honest hard hitting sound, Cabin Fever recorded the EP under their own steam, obtaining help at the mixing stage from US engineer Janson Leudke of Nytemare Recordings. The humble Perth band will be showcasing Voices on August 2nd at Beat Nightclub, before heading out and touring the country with their intense upfront and no bullshit performance.