Cadaveria: Horror Metal gets Re-release Treatment.

'Undead Edition' goes live in May!

After a five year absence from the metal scene, gothic/black metal sensation Cadaveria released their new album Horror Metal in 2012, collecting tons of enthusiastic reviews worldwide and touring relentlessly in support of it. The video for the song Flowers In Fire was nominated “Best Gothic Black Metal Video of 2012″ by The History Of Metal.

Bakerteam Records and the band will celebrate the success of the album with a Special Edition of Horror Metal that will hit the stores on May 7th, 2013. Horror Metal – Undead Edition features two bonus tracks, Whispers Of Sin (Ancestral Remix) and Hypnotic Psychosis (Chaotic Remix).

This is how Cadaveria herself commented the event: “We entered the studio to re-record the drum parts on Whispers Of Sin and we are proud to say that this song now sounds more direct and captivating than ever, in one word: more ‘ancestral’. Also I re-recorded the vocals on Hypnotic Psychosis. We cut out all the 'new wave’ reminiscences from this track, to get an extremely aggressive and chaotic mood!”


Horror Metal – Undead Edition track-list:

Flowers In Fire

The Night’s Theatre

Death Vision

Whispers Of Sin


The Days Of The After And Behind


The Oracle (Of The Fog)


This Is Not The Silence

Hypnotic Psychosis

Whispers Of Sin (Ancestral Remix)

Hypnotic Psychosis (Chaotic Remix)