Divebomb Records: Off to Bootcamp

Get ready for some short sharp shocks...

This October, Divebomb Records unveils its new series of cult reissues entitled Divebomb Bootcamp. The series aims to pay homage to seminal record label, Combat Records, and the vinyl 12" releases they originally issued back in the late ‘80’s bearing the same moniker.

While the initial goal of Divebomb's Bootcamp was to unearth lost sessions, unreleased albums and long-forgotten demos by unsung heroes of the hard rock and metal scenes’ past, it quickly became apparent to label boss, Matt Rudzinski, that it should also continue in the Combat tradition of providing an outlet for independent bands to get their previously DIY releases the attention they deserve.

So, not only are these cult bands for cult fans, but there’s also new blood for the new breed. Divebomb Bootcamp wants to know…are you ready to join the army?  Each release is limited to 500 units worldwide and includes brand new artwork, full-color booklets, new interviews, plus pictures from each band’s private archives. In other words, everything die-hard fans could ever want from these obscure acts.

The initial invasion set for October includes: Texas’ Manta Ray (members of King Diamond and Chastain), England’s Inner Sanctum (members of Fifth Season/Synaptik), Long Island’s Firstrike, Maine’s Weapons (once courted by Mechanic Records) and finally, California’s Ministers of Anger (members of Damn the Machine, Sacred Reich and Machine Head).


Image of MANTA RAY - Visions Of Towering Alchemy


Image of FIRSTRIKE - Deadly Voltage


Image of WEAPONS - Reflections Of A Troubled Mind


Image of MINISTERS OF ANGER - Renaissance