Havok: Unnatural Selection is Ready to Go

The rapidly-maturing Denver thrash kings are back!

Candlelight Records has confirmed June 25 as the North American release date for Unnatural Selection, the new studio recording from Denver thrashers Havok. The ten-song album was produced by David Sanchez with mixing handled by Terry Date (Pantera, Overkill, Deftones). Unnatural Selection features original artwork from Polish illustrator Rafal Wechterowicz (Slayer, Mastodon) and was mastered by James Murphy (Aborted, World Under Blood, Abigail Williams).

Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death, the first single from Unnatural Selection, will hit Loud Rock/Metal radio on May 27. The topical song is a furious and urgent anthem that displays the band’s classic thrash and old school metal sound. Vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez ignites the fret board and barks the righteous lyrics while drummer Pete Webber punishes his immense kit. The song’s towering sound benefits from the unique acoustics of the old theatre that was utilized as one of the many recording locations for the album. “I am super pumped on how the drums came out,” chimes Webber. “We recorded the drums in a theatre to get a huge sound. It was a challenging experience for me between time constraints and the drum parts having much more feeling in them. I believe the added pressure made for some really awesome stuff.  I can't wait to unleash this album to the world.”

Unnatural Selection bears a far more mature collection of songs when compared to Burn (2009), and Time Is Up (2011). Havok has truly hit their mark with a sound that will please fans new and old.  Additional album standouts include album opener I Am The State, Chasing The Edge and the band’s rendition of the Black Sabbath classic Children of the Grave.

Unnatural Selection Track Listing:

I Am The State

Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death

It Is True

Under the Gun

Waste of Life


Chasing the Edge

Worse Than War

Children of the Grave

Unnatural Selection