Metal as Fuck Partners Up with Devilstone Open Air 2013!

Nocturnal dance fiestas? Fervent football? Count us in!

Metal as Fuck is pleased to announce that it has become one of the official Media Partners of Devilstone Open Air 2013!

Devilstone Open Air, a unique summer festival of extreme metal music and delirious rock ‘n’ roll spirit, marks its 5th Edition this year in Anykščiai, Lithuania! This fresh festival proved capable of delivering a high quality musical programme, including some of the most desired metal authorities from abroad and carefully selected prospective bands from Lithuania. Devilstone Open Air promotes diversity across the genres and geographical origins satisfying both the sophisticated music experts and curious youngsters seeking new experiences. 

Devilstone Open Air is a vibrant festival where committed festival fans, performing musicians and casual attendees create the content by sheer presence and participation. In addition to notable performances across two stages, there’s also MetalClinic’s creative workshops, Masterclasses, nocturnal dancing fiestas at Rockthèque, absurd cinema screenings, dark arts exhibition, fervent football and even the sabotaging anti-alternative gadfly The 4th Stage. Plenty of attractions and exciting competitions ensure extremely good vibes. Devilstone Open Air promises the utmost experience for the metalheads, rockers, hipsters, and people defying any categories alike! It’s a summer’s must for creative minds and quality time lovers!

Devilstone Open Air is a small, cosy and bursting with energy festival; heavy and professional in music terms, yet incredibly light, liberating and charming in its atmosphere. Needless to say, Devilstone Open Air is a unique rock ‘n’ roll festival!