Panzerchrist: Time to start the 7th Offensive.

New linuep, same old brutality...

Danish crushing death metal mercenaries Panzerchrist are releasing their 7th album entitled The 7th Offensive on July 15th on Listenable following their previous and much acclaimed Regiment Ragnarok album in 2011.

The band used three different studios to complete their new assault: The 7th Offensive had guitars and bass recorded in the Igloo by HR Swan,  drums were recorded at AMP studio by Jens Förster and Markus Ziemer. and vocals and the final mix were completed at Death Island Studio, engineered by Marco Angioni.

Although very extreme musically on a constant basis, Panzerchrist have never quite made the same album twice. The 7th Offensive shows a slightly more melodic and evilly tainted approach on the guitars, enhancing the grey, sinister feel of a battlefield. It definitely sounds bleak.

The band also welcomes back ultra guttural and pure death metal vocals. Make no mistake, Panzerchrist's new album retains the violence and über brutality the band has always been known for. As the band says: 'The war is over, Lets start a new one , Death forever Panzer!"

Panzerchrist Lineup:

Panzer General  Michael Enevoldsen: Bass and Synth

Søren Tintin Lønholdt: Vocals

Nils Petersen: Guitars, 

Simon Schilling : Drums



Panzer The 7th Offensive

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