Tensions Arise: 2013 - The Year Of Defiance

I think it was like a 32 Inch....

Sydney’s progeny of metal Tensions Arise has just announced a lineup change to further complement the sweet sounds of their characteristic metal in all its glory. James Barnes joined on guitar whilst half way through the bands first tour for 2013, James is steadfast in support of the bands latest offering Stand In Defiance. The band had a massive 2012 including a trip to the land of the free (range chicken?) to record the album, which has been described as “bringing back a movement” with the ever apt skills of Logan Mader (Ex-Machine Head) who has worked with bands such as Devildriver, Gojira, Five Finger Death Punch & Fear Factory. James makes his Sydney debut Friday 22nd March @ The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. "He has added a lot of energy to the band in a few short weeks and will take our stage show to a whole new level" adds vocalist Kazzy Kage. Metal As Fuck caught up with the Sydney monster Tensions Arise to have a quick chat about the new lineup, the philosophy of Tensions Arise and the 2013 tour.

It has been stated by Tensions Arise that the Sydney metal seen needed a wakeup call. What was needed in your opinion? “Well pretty much there was a period when the local Metal Scene died down, Bands like Anxiety Whispers, Tourettes, Many Machines On Nine, Dead Inside The Chrysalis started disbanding, a void shined through. I was a fan of these bands, being newly 18 at the time; bands became a huge part of my life, so when these bands started disappearing something had to be done. We want to be a part of that movement, the movement of bringing the people back to live shows, and bringing great local music back to the people” Do you believe you are capturing the values and attitude of metal into the music of Tensions Arise as you have previously described? “Yeah, we do believe it. We aren’t your stock standard metal band. We add a lot of different styles and influences into our music which gives us our own sound, I think as long as its heavy, fun and people can enjoy it then its all good”.

Tensions Arise’ main aim is to produce the best music they can by not limiting the scope of that music, a band that encompasses all flavours and an exuberant stage show “We don’t want to appear like typical douche bags that need to be brutal because we are metal. Hell, nearly everyone has seen us drop our pants if they have been to a show”. [Laughs] You hold a great deal of integrity for heavy metal, how would you describe the music of Tensions Arise and what must be incorporated into the music? We like to think our music is pretty catchy, and groove based for the most part. We have been described as a “baby Devildriver” however I wouldn’t describe us as a clone or mini any band, we are ourselves and the best way to describe us isn’t through our words, it’s through the people who listen to us, if they feel we sound like something and they get something out of it, it can’t be wrong! So I guess, Mini Devildriver?”. [Laughs]

The band’s debut album Stand in Defiance – released in 2012 - in which the band recorded the material in the States with Logan Mader, how was that experience? I read you were quite impressed with the size of the pizzas? “The time in USA last year was beyond Amazing, Logan is a true professional and can do his job with his eyes closed, he kind of reminded me of a mad scientist, sitting at his desk doing his thing. If anyone is considering Logan, I say go for it, he gives you an amazing product. The pizza wow! You saw the picture? [Laughs] I can’t remember the size; I think it was like a 32 Inch Pizza in a joint in LA. The poor delivery guy had to turn it on its damn side to get it in the door for us, five brutal dudes couldn’t finish the damn thing… it was half the size of a fucking bed! [Laughs]

I have kept up to date with Tensions Arise since I first heard of the band in 2009, I must say the band have come far to say the least – what has he attributed the bands success to in this short period of time? "Thank you, we are just trying our best and trying to get as much of us out there as possible. The bands success is attributed to the fact that we are constantly doing it, constantly learning. Everyone makes mistakes, every band makes mistakes, it’s how you learn from them that helps you move forward and grow. It’s been a long time coming; we are now slowly becoming one of those annoying promotional machines [Laughs]. The main reason is the people, we are getting a very steadily growing maniac fan base and we are seriously grateful to them, it’s great to go back to play places you don’t go regularly and notice a growth in the number of fans coming down, so really it’s because of the people who have supported us from day one and help us put our name out! Without them I probably wouldn’t be doing this interview [Laughs]

Tensions Arise have an extremely busy year ahead of them during 2013, and are receiving great feedback thus far, with singles, film clips and a remainder of a tour to get through, we see no sign of the band slowing down. Tensions Arise debut their latest lineup on March 22 at Factory Theatre with The Damned Humans & Creo.