Waldschrat Set To Conquer Spain

What Do We Want?! Dread & Doom! When Do We Want It?! RAAAHHHHH!

Returning triumphantly in 2012, Austrian Pagan Black Metal purists; Waldschrat cast a dark cloud over France and Spain this weekend, bringing with them an ambience of Scandinavian accolade and shadow. Waldschrat are renowned for habitual black metal; an art form in which cannot be easily replicated, yet this ambient five are hungry and the doom that follows is ominous...

Waldschrat will be showcasing their debut album Nostalgie.Resonanz; an album superbly unpolished and with just the right amount of crust that separates the men from the boys. A debut swarming with dejection and sorrow; Waldschrat encompass all that is monumental and symbolic in the genre….

Spain: Waldschrat w/ Cebolla and Tetraplegium – Sentinel Rock Club, Erandio
France: (The Black Offering) Waldschrat w/ Strynn and Parjure – The Black Room, Bordeaux

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