Arkan: New Video Previewing Exclusively on Metal as Fuck!

The third single from 'Sofia', 'Hayati' plays for the first time today!

Oriental metallers Arkan have enjoyed much generous acclaim for third album Sofia from fans and critics alike, and today we are glad to keep that wave of happiness rolling a bit longer by premiering the third clip from the album, Hayati!

Hayati opens Sofia in fine style - which you can find out below if you haven't already heard it - and showcases the soaring, impassioned vocals of Sarah. Mixing the stentorian metal that the band is becoming increasingly well known for with the ethnic sounds of Algeria and Morocco, Hayati is a stunning example of what makes Arkan such a great band. If you know the song, enjoy. If you've never heard Arkan before, remember - There are treasures to be found by those who listen well and with care...