Confession cancel Australian tour, but the tour continues with new line up!

Confession cancel Australian tour to support sick family member, however the tour will continue with Prepared Like A Bride and Graves. All proceeds going to the Cancer Council so get on board when it comes through your town.

Family comes first. Always. And Fuck Cancer. It is with regret that Confession have to cancel their Life And Death Tour scheduled to begin next week. The bands vocalist, Michael Crafter has taken leave to be with his family who are rallying behind his sick father.

Michael has issued this statement 'Sorry to all our fans and friends for us having to cancel our tour, it's a time I need to be with my family and support them in every way I can. We will be sorting out new dates in the near future. Sorry again and I say this with every bit of energy I have left, fuck cancer.'

The band will play the Fight To Survive Festival on Saturday, October 18 but that is all.

Stepping up to the plate and forging ahead to honour the dates, Prepared Like A Bride and Graves will continue with the tour as planned under it’s new name, The Ocean Tide Tour.

Fans are urged to come and support these two powerhouse acts and those who buy pre-sale tickets will receive an exclusive hand printed and numbered screen print of the tour poster.

Refunds are available from the place of purchase should people wish to.

Also, tour promoter, Destroy All Lines will be donating 100% of their promoter profit to the Cancer Council charity.