Evergrey: New Album Out Soon, New Film Clip Released!

And some old faces return to the fold...

Swedish metallers Evergrey will release their highly-anticipated (ninth) studio album Hymns For The Broken on September 26th.

Preceeding the release, the brand new video clip for the song King Of Errors is available, and you can watch it here (see below). Once again the clip was directed by Patric Ullaeus (Revolver Productions).

With ten days of filming, King Of Errors became the most extensive clip the band has done so far.

The presentation of King Of Errors now reveals the secret of Evergrey’s new line-up: Henrik Danhage (Guitars) and Jonas Ekdahl (Drums) - both members of Evergrey until 2010 - are back!

The band states:"So! The boys are back in town! Our new video is officially out there and it shows the return of some familiar faces. What can we say? We missed each other. It´s really not more complicated than that. Even though it took deep and thorough consideration, out of respect for Evergrey, we felt we could bring something to the table that would be lasting and in the same quality we know both our fans and us demand.

We are so damn psyched!

Going into this we early decided this needed to be done right, not saving on anything. We dug as deep as possible into our budgets and spent more than ever to give this a real fair chance. So we have worked with the best of people from Jacob Hansen to Patric Ullaeus. Both are true Kings, though not of errors! These are the people in the world that understand us 100% and have the know-how and ability to make our grand visions come true! Extra special thanks go to Patric Ullaeus and Revolver.se who make us feel and look larger than life!

We felt it paid off! We saw from the initial praising yesterday that most of you feel the same.

Do run and tell the rest of the world of Evergrey by sharing this to all and everywhere - we feel they deserve to know 

Humbly yours; Tom, Jonas, Rikard, Johan and Henrik!"