Green Lane Festival announcement has stoners salivating at the lineup (and the free BBQ!)

The Green Lane Festival at the Tote in Melbourne is a day of doom and stoner rock in all of it's many shapes and forms. There are 13 acts taking part which is a fitting number for a day of doom!

From pummelling riffs, free-form groove, experimental drone, straight up rock n roll and twisted melodies, The Green Lane Festival offers something for every discerning & genre critiquing doom fan!

The line up is massive and headed up by Dreadnaught who have been part of the Australian music landscape for over two decades. Since forming way back in 92, they have continually reinvented and refined their sound into a perfect cacophony of melody and mayhem, light and dark, groove and chaos. With a catalogue or music stretching back to their self financed Body.Blood.Skin.Mind debut in 96 through their Roadrunner years, live DVD’s, an upcoming new album and tours spanning the globe including some major international supports, Dreadnaught are honoured to be taking pole position at Green Lane!

Motherslug first hit the stage in early 2012 and have barely left it since. Playing all over the country creating an army of doom and sludge fans in the process. They captured the ear of Higgo from Triple M's Distortion who digs their Sabbath/Sleep/Kyuss vibe and they are to support Prong when the band rolls through Canberra as part of Metal Fiesta. With an appearance at Doomsday Fest, a stack of dates lined up and a debut album coming in the first half of next year, Motherslug’s plans are as big as their riffs!

Muscle cars, booze, the desert sky, crazed hitch hikers and chunky, bad ass riffs are what Battle Axe Howlers hold dear. Like a pack of hungry wolves, BAH salivate at the thought of howling and prowling to the beat of thundering drums and thick as mud drop D bass lines. Bringing an international vibe by way of their Dutch vocalise Nico who used to front Netherlands band Herder, Watchtower are primed to bring their arsenal of pummelling riffage to the Tote.

Improvised jams and a tonne of reverb is what you can expect from the usually instrumental Borrachero who will be marking the festival as their first ever performance with a vocalist. With influences as diverse as Bathory and Celtic Frost to Sabbath and punk, Chaingun make a gnarly, dirty noise that puts a grin from ear to ear on anyone trapped by their hypnotic dirge.

System Of Venus blend the usual stoner requirements with heavy doses of intricate melody that sees them appeal to fans of Kyuss and Beastwars right through to Isis and Acid Bath. Elbrus will bring some blues based psychedelica by way of fuzzed out riffs and plenty of old school organ that will have your head spinning and your mind altered.

Experimental drone and dystopian meditation via sacred frequencies are the manifest of Abre Ojos who fuse the analog with the digital to create a stunning AV experience and adding to the ambient experimental aspect of doom and drone’s basic foundation, Swan Messiah create bleak terror and monolithic weight through a myriad of guitar pedals and effects machines.

Citrus Jam will deliver their self coined tropical acoustic metal by adding flamenco and world music elements to luxurious melodies and thrash riffing to create something truly unique and River Of Heaven will bash out pure anger by way of solo guitar and reverb drenched vocals. Colostomy Baguette? combine funeral doom grind with experimental industrial noise that will open the day in harrowing fashion!
Green Lane is a showcase for the explosion of incredibly talented bands and artists working in the greater ’stoner’ genre. With plans to take the festival outdoors in 2015, this is only the beginning.

Sunday, November 23 from 2.00pm

The Tote 71 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC

Tickets are $20 and will be half price before 4.00pm