Shitripper: Melbourne Shows This Weekend!

The New Zealand punkers hop over the ditch for a couple of shows, AND get involved in our '30 years of thrash' Q & A!

Forming in 2007 Auckland hardcore punk band Shitripper have played their brand of fast, angry, straight-to-the-point music ever since.

Led by an intense and layered dual vocal attack their songs are honest and flatout - most clocking in under 2 minutes. They share their sound and energy with bands like D.R.I, Minor Threat, F Minus & Trash Talk.

To date Shitripper have self-released 5 Bad Boy EPs all available to download from their bandcamp (for free). And June 2013 saw the release their long awaited debut album - on CD, 7" and digital download - the release is accompanied by a twenty-page booklet of lyrics and fan artwork.

As well as supporting Municipal Waste on their 2013 Australasian tour, Shitripper have performed with Agnostic Front, Ringworm, Suicidal Tendencies, Terror and more.


See Shitripper live in Melbourne THIS WEEKEND!


Friday 23rd May, Wrangler Studios - 7pm / $10 (AA)

w/ Caged Grave, Hailgun, Diploid & Stuck Below


Saturday 24th May, The Bendigo 8pm / $10 (R18)

w / Party Vibez, Hailgun, Removalist & Atomic Death Squad (ADS)

With a list of touring partners like that, we couldn't resist asking the band whether they wante to dip their toes into our 'thirty years of thrash' celebrations, and of course they couldn't refuse. Guitarist Josh was in the hotseat...

We all know who the big 4 are – but do you agree with that selection? Who would your big 4 be, and why? "Yeah for sure, based on popularity those bands deserve the title. Mine would be: Slayer, Exodus, Celtic Frost and early Sepultura".

What to you, is the quintessential sound of thrash? Does it come from the Bay Area, from Germany, or from somewhere else? "Super tight, catchy guitar riffs played at speed, it’s all about those riffs! And it's definitely from the Bay Area".

5 Essential thrash albums – name them

1 – Slayer – Reign in Blood

2 – Sepultura – Arise/Chaos AD

3 – Exodus – Bonded by Blood

4 – Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales

5 – Slayer – Divine Intervention

Who are the best live thrash outfit of all time in your opinion? "Slaye"r.

And the worst? "Any of that tacky “re-thrash” shit".

What are the key elements for writing a classic thrash tune? "Riffs, Speed and Satan".

Which musicians would make up your dream thrash outfit from the last 30 years?

Tom Araya – Bass / Vocals

Jeff Hanneman – Lead Guitar

Kerry King – Lead Guitar

Dave Lombardo - Drums

And finally, what do you think is the biggest gift given to heavy metal by thrash? "Speed! Play fast or DIE!"