The 69 Eyes - Jussi69 opens a bar in Helsinki

Additionally The 69 Eyes re-released Devils (2004), Angels (2007) as well as Paris Kills (2002) as a special edition. Each re-release includes the original album track listing plus three bonus tracks.

Known as the star drummer of the gothic rock band The 69 Eyes, Jussi69 has also made a name for himself as a radio host. His latest venture is opening a bar. The Riff ( will be opened in central Helsinki at Iso Roba 3 right before Ascension Day on Wednesday 13 May. The bar is designed to function as a fresh and comfortable living room for the rock-loving population. Music and sound system selections have been done with particular care.

Jussi69’s partners are Veikka Moilanen and Oskari Kovalainen, two familiar faces from the Helsinki bar scene. Jussi69 is excited about branching out 'I have toured excessively at rock clubs from Osaka to Texas and back. I feel I understand what makes a bar work and where I enjoy myself. Owning a bar has been my longtime dream, and I have been planning this for quite some time with my colleagues. Now we have found the perfect location in the heart of Helsinki. TheRiff is cool without being snobbish. It is the perfect place for chilling at a stylish patio or partying till the break of dawn - I would like to do both! At TheRiff you hear the best playlists in the city and the drinks menu contains only top-notch picks.'

Opening Party (by invitation only) of TheRiff will be held on Wednesday 13 May from 18.00 till 20.00. Doors open to the public at 20.00. After the opening party the bar will be open every day from noon till 3.00 in the morning.

A few weeks ago, The 69 Eyes released The Best Of Helsinki Vampires, a full best-of collection, spanning a quarter of a century of band history, featuring 28 tracks in total. 

The track listing of The Best Of Helsinki Vampires is as follows:

01. Lost Boys
02. Perfect Skin
03. Brandon Lee
04. Lost Without Love
05. Feel Berlin
06. The Chair
07. Dead Girls Are Easy
08. Radical
09. Tonight
10. Dance D'Amour
11. Borderline
12. Rocker
13. Dead N' Gone
14. Rosary Blue (feat. Kat Von D)
01. Never Say Die
02. Gothic Girl
03. Betty Blue
04. Sister Of Charity
05. Love Runs Away
06. We Own The Night
07. Red
08. Devils
09. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
10. Wasting The Dawn
11. Kiss Me Undead
12. Crashing High
13. Stolen Season
14. Ghost
The Paris Kills special edition features You’re Lost Little Girl, Crashing High (remix) as well as Stigmata (gothic remix) in addition to the regular album tracks.

The Angels re-release is expanded through Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (2007), Only Fools Don't Fall Once More and Never Say Die (single mix).

The re-issue of Devils includes From Dusk Till Dawn, Pitchblack and Feel Berlin (single edit) as bonus material.

You can order The Best Of Helsinki Vampires and the special editions of Devils, Angels & Paris Kills at the following destination here