Dark Descent Records to release new House Of Atreus album on May 5

If you like your metal bloody and inspired by the ancient Greeks then this should tickle your fancy

Dark Descent Records will release The Spear and the Ichor That Follows from American war metal unit House Of Atrues on May 5.

The band's debut full-length features eight tracks of battle-ready audio full of mid-paced riff glory, melodic death flourishes and lyrics inspired by ancient Greek tragedies and tales of war. The Spear and the Ichor That Follows will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats. Pre-order the album now at this location.

Side A 

1. Trenches of Fortune 
2. Messenger of a Shaken Host 
3. Throne of Chariots 
4. Oresteia - The Unforgotten Scorns

Side B 

5. Heir to the Crown of Sodom 
6. Beasts of Antiquity 
7. Veiled in Dignities of Wrath 
8. The River Black