Did Joey Jordison just join Despite?

Lately there has been lots of speculation and rumours from both fans and media alike...

The Swedish progressive/melodic death metal band Despite has announced that they have recruited a new drummer, filling the shoes of their previous drummer Oscar Nilsson (also in Engel), who left the band a couple of months ago to concentrate on other things in his life.

So far the band (Despite) has only presented the new drummer with the mysterious name Mr J along with the above modified picture which covers his face and the below video clip highlighting the drummer showing off his kick drumming skills, which has lead to fans and media guessing who this guy really is. Many have speculated that the replacement might be Joey Jordison (ex Slipknot, Scar the Martyr, Murderdolls).

In other news Despite has another thing going. A week ago the band put up a cryptic page on their website with a countdown timer, counting down to August 1, 2015. The only info on the page is the phrase 'Your days are numbered...' following the countdown timer and the hashtag #Predonum. The band hasn't issued any further information about what the cryptic word (Predonum) really means. Some fans speculate that it might be a new album release or a tour by Despite.