No Life Til Leather celebrates 25 years of Slaughter's Stick It To Ya!

'Up all night! Sleep all day!' If ever there was an anthem tailor made for No Life Til Leather – Sydney’s best 80s glam, rock and metal club night – it was surely Up All Night by Slaughter.

And given that this year marks the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Stick It To Ya, what better way to pay tribute to the hair metal titans than by playing them louder than hell at the next No Life Til Leather?!

And by staying up all night, obviously.

On Friday May 29th, No Life Til Leather returns to the Civic Hotel – downstairs at the Civic, to be precise – to pay tribute to Slaughter and the best of the rest of the 80s metal, hard rock and glam bands.

Your favourite DJs will be playing all the hard rock hits all night long, from Slaughter to Slayer, Motley to Megadeth, Bonham to Bon Jovi, Dokken to Danger Danger.

There’ll be ’80s hard rock and metal videos playing on the big screens, there’ll be giveaways, there’ll be boozing, there’ll be schmoozing, there’ll be headbanging and spontaneous outbursts of air guitaring.

There will, in other words, be plenty of reason to party all night long. Slaughter would want it that way. 

No Life Til Leather
9pm – late, Friday May 29th
Downstairs at the Civic Hotel, Cnr Goulburn and Pitt Street, Sydney