Blunt Shovel Set to Release Debut in 2017

Fuck the hip and happening...

Get in the Ground” is the debut album from Blunt Shovel. an Australian Death Metal band based in Melbourne. Although the band has a very tongue in cheek approach to lyrical content, and has complete disregard for what is considered “hip and happening” in the larger metal music “scene”. Blunt Shovel have regardless taken some musical cues as a result of numerous influences. The aggression and intensity of bands like Bloodbath, Carcass and Revocation finds its place amongst the super heavy hooks and solid metal grooves that Blunt Shovel lay on thick. If you are a fan of anything Death metal, old or new, then you know where the bodies are buried.

Since making their first live appearance in 2014, Blunt Shovel has shared the stage with some of Australia’s finest metal acts, including Blood Duster, Hadal Maw, AMDBL, I Exist and Dreadnaught - to name a few and with the band set to release their debut album ‘Get In The Ground’ through Goatsound/Gamla Grind Records; 2017 is shaping up to be a very busy year as the band supports this release.

Blunt Shovel features members with a solid musical pedigree, with members serving time in Truth Corroded, The Ocularis Infernum, Abrasion and Bowel Mouth. The album “Get in the Ground” will be released on Jan 17th on Goatsound/ Gamla Grind Records.  

Vocals:Trent Simpson, Guitars: Luke Walton, Bass: Brett Hosking, Drums: Dave Summerton