Progfest 2016 Set Times Announced!

This is one event not to be missed by any open-minded music fan!

Progfest: A festival that celebrates all things progressive is back for 2016!

The Corner Hotel in Melbourne will play host to the return of Progfest! Headlined by none other than Brisbane progressive powerhouse Caligula’s Horse, who will be playing as their exclusive Melbourne show on their Hands Shape Stone Australian tour. They will be joined by some of the nation’s finest progressive bands on Saturday, December 3.

Featuring progressive bands of all styles and genres, from prog, post, psychedelic, art rock, metal and everything in between, Progfest is about showcasing bands that think for themselves; bands who rather than following the latest trends, have decided to challenge themselves musically and create music with depth and vision.

Progfest 2016 features a total of 12 acts playing over two stages named Fire and Ice.


3.15 - 3.45pm: Enlight - Ice Stage

4.00pm - 4.30pm: Qlaye Face - Fire Stage

4.45pm - 5.15pm: Bear The Mammoth - Ice Stage

5.30pm - 6.00pm: Figures - Fire Stage

6.15 - 6.45pm: Dyssidia - Ice Stage

7.00pm - 7.30pm: Orsome Welles - Fire Stage

7.45pm - 8.15pm: Transience - Ice Stage

8.30pm - 9.00pm: Chaos Divine - Fire Stage

9.15 - 9.45pm: Alithia - Ice Stage

10.00pm - 10.30pm Circles - Fire Stage

10.45pm - 11.15pm: We Lost The Sea - Ice Stage

11.30pm - 12.40am: Caligula’s Horse - Fire Stage


CALIGULA’S HORSE: The internationally acclaimed, award winning Brisbane prog act have been on an almost vertical trajectory since forming in 2011. Their latest album, 2015’s Bloom saw them tour the globe and receive near perfect reviews.

WE LOST THE SEA: These Sydney progressives combine post-rock atmospherics with unique melodies and envelope them in a crushing wall of sound to create emotive, breath-taking and striking music. Music that is filled with endless tension and release.

CIRCLES: Uniquely different, Melbourne’s Circles distinctive fusion of powerhouse progressive rhythms, soaring vocals and dynamic songs have turned heads the world over. 2016 saw them headline on their own, open for Fear Factory & play BigSound.

ALITHIA: The Melbourne purveyors of astral space rock take you on a journey through the cosmos on shamanistic planes with their deeply spiritual and entrancing live act that has been witnessed by audiences from Sydney to Moscow and back again!

CHAOS DIVINE: Perth’s finest progressive metal act, Chaos Divine, have a plethora of industry accolades and a touring pedigree a mile long. Their latest offering, Colliding Skies, has been heralded globally as one of 2015’s best albums.

TRANSIENCE: Combining soaring melodies, warped time signatures, crushing grooves and expansive atmospheres, these Melbourne natives create their own take on progressive rock and metal. Their genre-bending live show demands attention.

ORSOME WELLES: This Melbourne experimental creative defy classification. Merging progressive music with an early 20th century panache, pounding grooves, intricate instrumentality and raw uncaged power. Their avant-garde live show is a must see!

DYSSIDIA: Adelaide’s foremost progressive metal act have crafted a unique sound amongst their peers. Their breathtaking soundscapes and intricate rhythms have lead to them sharing the stage with the kings of the global progressive scene.

FIGURES: The collective resume of the members of Figures is quite impressive. Several key Melbourne bands can be found on the list and together their combined forces have a technical, progressive focus. Mixing heavy riffs with emotive and melodic vocals, Figures capture a side of the genre that's been missing for some time.

BEAR THE MAMMOTH: These local progressive, post-rockers are fast becoming known for their moody, atmospheric sonics that ebb and flow ‘like an ocean of melody’ Their sublime debut album Yamadori will soon be followed by an album of new material that further expands on their atmospherics.

QLAYE FACE: Fusing atmospheric soundscapes with complex timing and rhythm, Melbourne proggers, Qlaye Face, convey their moody music with ambition, precision and integrity. With a desire to constantly push their creative boundaries, the band are continually constructing sounds, patterns and journeys that see them scoring support slots with some of the country's biggest bands. Their fanbase is growing rapidly as a result!

ENLIGHT: Female fronted prog bands are very few and far between but Enlight’s mix of progressive, jazz, metal, pop, folk and post-rock surround Rachael Graham's dreamy yet intense vocals perfectly. As if they were written just for them. With 5-part vocal harmonies, acoustic sections and odd time signatures, Enlight describe their sounds as ‘music that glows in the dark’.

This is one event not to be missed by any open-minded music fan!


Saturday, December 3

The Corner Hotel - Melbourne

Tickets are selling fast and onsale via Oztix & The Venue