Damnation Festival 2017 Will Be The Festival You Tell Your Grandkids About!

Damnation Festival sells out in record time! Better luck next year folks!

Damnation Festival 2017 is officially sold out! Lets be honest, with a line up that strong and tickets at an absolute steal, we all knew it was only a matter of time...

This year marks the 13th instalment of Damnation festival, the festival is to be held at the Leeds University union on November 4th and the line-up has proven to be their most impressive and diverse line-up to date.

There are many acts coming from all over the world for this whirlwind one day bender including Australia’s own Psycroptic and Disentomb, German thrash fathers Sodom headline this day of the damned and some of America’s finest including Dying Fetus, Nails and Agoraphobic Nosebleed - though with the amount of thundering coming from the stage - a nosebleed is expected. Of course the Scandavaians are rolling a little down south and bringing their best - with Bloodbath, Myrkyr, Grave Pleasures and Leoprous. It wouldnt be a UK festival without some homegrown talent by the likes of Warning, Nordic Giants, head liners Paradise Lost and many more...

Many metalheads are trading their gumboots for indoor festivals come Autumn over here and we dont blame them. - and it is from these humble foundations that monster festivals grow! As the saying goes; from little things, big things grow - it is the same philosophy in metal - from heavy things, heavier things grow! And Damnation Festival 2017 will be one for the ages! Cutting your teeth on the smaller festivals around the UK and Europe is  a must for any metal devotee as sometimes these events hold surprises and represent the spirit of metal stronger.

Festival Director Gavin McInally believes the 13th instalment of of the festival is of unrivalled diversity, depth and quality. He said “This line-up sets a new benchmark for UK events, especially for £40 a ticket, and with those tickets soon to be sold out in record time, it has been incredible to see our fans continue to support the festival's ambitions."

The complete line-up for Damnation Festival 2017 is: Bloodbath, Sodom, Paradise Lost, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Warning, Dying Fetus, Nails, Nordic Giants, Dragged Into Sunlight, Myrkur, Pallbearer, Big Business, Vallenfyre, Leprous, Agent Fresco, Grave Pleasures, The Great Discord, Pyschedelic Witchcraft, Pyscroptic, Wiegedood, Beyond Creation, Leng Tche, Mutation, Pg. Lost, Disentomb, Bodyhound and Wren.