Fall of Summer Festival 2017: The 4-11

The Fall of Summer festival - the ins and outs

If you find you are walking aimlessly through France next month, and in need of a fulfiling lineup of metal that will satisfy every devilish delight - then head 30kms north to a lake of water known as Torcy..... For here you will find the Fall of Summer. 

In its 4th year - the festival had remained under the raider for many, however with each passing year the caliber of bands attending the festival has begun to grow - and so have the punters. 

The last hoorah! Fall of Summer is exactly that, the end of the European festival circuit. Some may delight in this information as their bank balance, body and general constitution have been dragged through the mud of 100 festival fields over the last 3 months and others sigh as summer is drawing to a close... 

A simple 30 minutes by train from Paris you first notice that Fall of Summer does not come with the regular festival madness - no, no - the lake is calm, no displeasure to those who have wandered all summer in physically exhausting festival moshpits. You will need the shuttle bus - buses take all punters from the station to the entrance of the festival for the duration and additional highlight - the distance between the campsite and the infield is a brisk, picturesque 3 minute walk. The sets will be spread over two days, with plenty of time to both relax and rock your socks. There is booze a plenty to whet your appetite as you prepare for the fall of summer, you will hit the sand running with sets by DJs in the early evening to get the taste buds racing.... The Fall of Summer focuses primarily on extreme metal and this year's lineup is no exception. Featured on this year's lineup are the following:

Venom, Septicflesh (with an exclusive Codex Omega release show), Melakesh, Immolation, Gravedigger, Cattle Decapitation, Doom and a fury more! 

Fall of Summer will also be Metal As Fuck's last run on the merry-go-round for the 2017 European festival circuit and we will be bringing you live updates over the weekend so stay tuned...  

All details relating to the festival, including tickets and directions - can be found here! 


Fall of Summer Festival 2017: 8 - 10 September 2017 Vaires-Torcy Recreation Island