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We may be in the middle of winter, however the climate for heavy metal has never been hotter...

2017 sees the return of the Hell On Earth Tour with Cattle Decapitation set to headline! One thing is for sure: it's one of the heaviest line-ups so far! Please welcome Cattle Decapitation, Broken Hope, Hideous Divinity and Gloryhole Guillotine!

Comments Cattle Decapitation's singer Travis Ryan: "Looking forward to coming back to Europe, this time with our good friends in Broken Hope to do a proper headline package with some club shows! Broken Hope were a huge influence on me growing up as a death metal kid in the early 90s and I'm honored that they are heading out with us to rip your continent in half! Combined with Hideous Divinity and Gloryhole Guillotine, you're all in for one hell of a show! This tour is gonna be sick!!!"


01/09/17 DE - Weinheim - Cafe Central

02/09/17 NL - Amsterdam - Melkweg

03/09/17 UK - London - Underworld

04/09/17 UK - Manchester - Rebellion Club

05/09/17 UK - Glasgow - G2

06/09/17 UK - Cardiff - Fuel Rock Club

08/09/17 FR - Torcy - Fall Of Summer

09/09/17 FR - Les Pennes-Mirabeau - Jas Rod

10/09/17 CH - Geneva - L'usine

12/09/17 CZ - Brno - Melodka

13/09/17 AT - Wien - Escape Metalcorner

14/09/17 DE - München - Backstage

15/09/17 CH - Aarburg - Musigburg

16/09/17 IT - Brescia - Circolo Colony

17/09/17 AT - Graz - Explosiv

19/09/17 DE - Dresden - Konk Saal

20/09/17 DE - Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

21/09/17 DE - Oberhausen - Helvete Club

22/09/17 DE - Magdeburg - Factory

23/09/17 DE - Flensburg - Roxy

24/09/17 DE - Berlin - SO36

Order your copies of Cattle Decapitation's latest album 'The Anthropocene Extinction' now at metalblade Records ( Go online and check out music and videos at the same location!



Nearly three years in the making, Satyricon have announced that 'Deep calleth upon Deep', their highly anticipated ninth studio album, is set for release on 22nd September via Napalm Records

Recorded in Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, Canada, during early 2017 and mixed together with revered studio guru Mike Fraser (who previously worked on Satyricon’s 2006 album, ‘Now, Diabolical’), ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is not just a new collection of songs from one of extreme music’s most enduring and reliable bands: this is a wholesale reinvention and a brand new era in Satyricon history.  

Frontman and visionary, Satyr informs us “Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it’s gonna be my last record.  If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special.  If there are more records, then I’d better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning.  I think it’s really, really dark, very spiritual and filled with confidence and energy.” 

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is a profound statement about the essence of Satyricon’s music and the eternal value of art itself.  Satyr continues, “The way that I see it is that for any art, be it Satyricon or any other form of art with substance, in order for you to be able to inhale and completely understand it, it will take a little bit of you as well.  If you get it all after a couple of listens, you know that it probably won’t stay with you.  So the title is saying, ‘From the depth of the people making this record to the depth of the listener…’  If you want to take part in this journey, you should be prepared to dig deep down in the darkest corner of your soul with us."   

Satyricon have always excelled as a live band, their evocative performances increasingly becoming special events as their frequency is dialled back to accommodate the Oslo band’s new ‘modus operandi’. The band are set to play a European run of dates in support of Deep calleth upon Deep:   

13.07.17 DE - Balingen / Bang Your Head Festival

15.07.17 LI - Anyksciai / Devilstone Festival

23.07.17 FR - Simandre-Sur- Suran / Ragnard Rock Festival

24.09.17 DE - Hamburg / Grünspan

25.09.17 DE - Essen / Turock

26.09.17 NL - Tilburg - 013

27.09.17 BE - Vosselaar / Biebob

29.09.17 UK - London / Heaven

30.09.17 FR - Paris / La Maroquinerie

01.10.17 FR - Nantes - MJC De Reze

02.10.17 FR - Toulouse / Le Metronum

04.10.17 ES – Madrid / Sala But

05.10.17 ES - Barcelona / Razzamatazz

06.10.17 FR – Montpellier / Rockstore

07.10.17 IT - Bologna / Zona Roveri

09.10.17 CH - Zurich / Dynamo

10.10.17 DE – Munich / Backstage Halle

11.10.17 AT - Vienna / Szene

12.10.17 CZ – Prague / Akropolis

14.10.17 PL - Krakow / Kwadrat

15.10.17 PL – Warsaw / Progresja

16.10.17 DE – Berlin / SO36

17.10.17 DK - Copenhagen / Pumpehuset

19.10.17 DK - Aarhus / Train

20.10.17 SE - Gotherburg / Pustervik

21.10.17 SE – Stockholm / Klubben

22.11.17 NO - Molde / Gamle Kulturset

23.11.17 NO - Trondheim / Byscenen

24.11.17 NO - Oslo / Sentrum Scene

25.11.17 NO - Tromso / Driv

29.11.17 NO - Bergen / Hulen

30.11.17 NO - Stavanger / Folken

01.12.17 NO - Kristiansand / Kick

02.12.17 NO - Hamar / Gregers

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ will be released in digital format, a CD digipak and gatefold vinyl options.  Pre-orders will go live in August.

For More Info Visit: 




'Mareridt' (translation: Nightmare) is a rich juxtaposition of the dark and the light; the moon and the mother earth; the witch and the saint. Myrkur explores deeper into the mysterious and the feminine with 11 tracks that further progress her visionary blend of metal with gorgeous, stirring melodies, dark folk passages, choral arrangements and superb, horrific beauty.” "I wanted to make an album that I always needed to exist but never did," Bruun explains. "So, I wrote it myself." 

Myrkur found herself plagued by insufferable nightmares and sleep paralysis. "I was in one of the worst times of my life," she recalls. "I was afraid to sleep." She reluctantly lived in her subconscious and tried all the movements that would normally center her: being in nature, swimming, sitting outside and carving wood, but nothing changed.

"You know how they say that when you have been through trauma or abuse, you tend to recreate the situation in an attempt to take ownership of it?" she says. "I think I was doing that. I was trying to solve things [in my nightmares] that I could not solve in real life. Things I could not run away from."

Myrkur knew she had to start listening. She stopped trying to shove the nightmares away, and embraced them. She kept a notebook by her bed and documented everything from the recurring symbols, archetypes and animals that crawled around her head. She obsessed over Nordic fairy tales, mythology and folklore. She pulled meaning from Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid to verses from the Bible, and connected these stories to the spiritual solace she found outside her house. 

'Mareridt' was recorded between Copenhagen and Seattle with producer, Randall Dunn (Earth, Marissa Nadler, Sun O))), Boris). Like a marriage of King Diamond's 'Them' with Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake', 'Mareridt' is a carefully composed concept freed from genre. It flows between English and Danish, from guttural growls charged with testosterone, to emotive feminine hymns and Kulning. The compositions sweep into one another like a soundtrack designed to guide the listener through emotional turmoil. One minute the songs are fighting back, the next lulling you to submission. Lyrically, Myrkur hatches open the folklore of her Nordic heritage, applying the ancient fables to her personal piety. 'Mareridt' toys with juxtaposition and finds life between theoretical opposites. Timeless, triumphant, powerful and hypnotic, 'Mareridt' is a sonic nightmare that you never want to escape.   

Pre-order 'Mareridt' now via 



Melbourne’s Devil Electric are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album. The 37minute, 9-track LP will be released digitally, in various colourways on 180g vinyl and in a variety of pre-order merchandise bundles on August 11, 2017.

Second single ‘Lady Velvet’ is accompanied alongside an animated lyric video, created by German design studio 12 Inch Media. 

Bassist & co-writer Tom Hulse offers an insight into the lyrical themes behind this track…“Lady Velvet was written with the idea of painting a picture at the forefront. I wanted to create images and draw a theme in the listeners mind within the first few lines, touching on opposing forces and building a character. The song is about the push and shove of relationships we experience with the world, both on a human level and a fictional/dramatised one. There’s always light and shade in life and when you run your hand across velvet you can see it change in colour and form, reflecting just that in a material form.”

Devil Electric will be rounding out 2017 with their Australian album tour (August - October) and an overseas run through Indonesia in December and with European & US dates in the works. Devil Electric will be holding their album launch on Saturday, September 16 @ The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

Fronted by the gracious and haunting female presence of Pierina O’Brien, Devil Electric are a riff-heavy 4-piece rock n’ roll band. Lead single Hypnotica is the final track from their debut record, a six and a half minute heavy-blues infused fuzzed-out jam that transports the mind into the swelling, darker depths of rock n’ roll. Since forming mid-2015 Devil Electric have supported Truckfighters (Sweden), The Sword (USA), Kadaver (Ger). They signed with Kozmik Artifactz (Ger) following the success of their debut EP, The Gods Below, which saw an independent release over two 7” vinyl editions.



UK's legendary extreme metal icons Cradle of Filth have released the music video for the first single off their eagerly awaited 12th album, 'Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay' and will be released on September 22 via Nuclear Blast

Also find the stunning cover artwork by Artūrs Bērziņš below. Bērziņš is the mastermind behind the new record’s artwork, photography and videography – best known for his defiant neo-symbolism raster graphics and oil paintings; postmodern interpretations of classic myths. He has been proclaimed as a “sacred monster of Latvian postmodernism”. Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay was recorded at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk, UK by the very honourable Scott Atkins, esq. who has been the resident go-to producer for Cradle of Filth for several albums. Dani sat in during the mix, serving up flaming mugs of teas, making the studio couch his own and lending his ears when necessary.



Birmingham psych doom mob, Alunah have been announced as support to Acid King in both Bristol and London. The quartet have been recently added to two of the US legends upcoming UK shows! Frontwoman Sophie Day had this to say on the announcement: “Six years have passed since we last shared a stage with Acid King, a lot has changed since then but they still remain one of my favourite bands; Lori was a huge inspiration to me when we started Alunah in 2006. So, it goes without saying that we're extremely happy to be doing these shows with them.”

The band will join Acid King for the following dates:

July 25th - The Louisiana, Bristol

July 27th - The Black Heart, London

Alunah’s new record, “Solennial” is out now through Svart Records.

Over the course of four albums Alunah have gained a reputation as a constant force of progression of an individualized take on psychedelic and organic heft. Their material has never lacked structure or groove, but combined with the melodic vocals of frontwoman Sophie Day, they maintain an eye on the ethereal. That was never more true than on Awakening the Forest, which was released by Napalm Records and followed by 2015 CD reissues of the band’s first two albums via PRC Music and a vinyl release for Call of Avernus through UK imprint HeviSike Records.

As they always do, Alunah are moving forward. Sophie, guitarist David Day, bassist Daniel Burchmore and drummer Jake Mason signed to Svart Records for the March 2017 release of their fourth album, Solennial, and recorded with Chris Fielding (Conan) at Skyhammer Studio. 



Coffee is metal, destroying the planet isn't!! That's the reasoning behind the new line of merch from Melbourne melo-death band Hollow World

After the release of Exanimate, an album that explores the demise of mankind and the negative impact we are having on this Earth of ours, Hollow World wanted to do something more to make a change than just advocate for it through their music. "Did you know that takeaway coffee cups aren't recyclable?" guitarist Theo Goslett asks. It's something most people have never thought of, or if they have, throwing their non-recyclable cups into the recycling bin isn't doing anything unfortunately. "It's estimated that as many as three billion coffee cups are sold each year in Australia. And most of these aren't recycled – they're piling up in landfill and escaping into our rivers, parks and marine systems. If you use this cup for as little as ten coffees then you've already saved more plastic from going to landfill than it took to make the cup," Goslett explains. 

The cups feature a heat resistant silicon band around the middle and a secure screw on lid. As an added bonus they are BPA free and dishwasher safe and are available now via the Hollow World webstore

It's time to make a change as even little lifestyle choices can have a massive influence on the impact we all have on the environment.




The Swedish icons of Extreme Metal, Arch Enemy are back with their most versatile album, Will To Power, out September 8 via Century Media Records/ Sony Music Australia.

Michael Amott comments: "After many months of writing and recording in the studio we are delighted to have finally completed work on our 10th studio album, Will To Power. We are looking forward to sharing new music with you soon."

Co-produced by Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, the album was sent to long time collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (Opeth, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir) for mixing and mastering and marks legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis' (Nevermore) first recording with the band.



Shining have finished recording their tenth studio album, 'X - Varg Utan Flock' ("Wolf without a Pack"). Mastermind Niklas Kvarforth comments:" It has been an ordeal of gigantic proportions, but I am pleased to announce that the recording of our tenth album have now come to an end, and I am currently working on the final visual details before this aural nightmare can be sent off to our label and fuck up your lives.

'X - Varg Utan Flock' is the direct follow up to our fifth album, but, as usual it does contain a few unexpected twists and turns that will send cold shivers down your spines. It was an honour to serve for two decades as the grand puppet-master and bringer of chaos. Let there be Blood!"

More on this beauty soon... 



Mayhem are announcing yet another leg of their European "Purgatorium"-tour that comes with the complete performance of their black metal landmark debut album 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas'. 

Legendary Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar commented: "The first time I ever heard from Mayhem was in '91-'92 when I received a letter from Euronymous. I did not know that message was going to change my whole life. They were looking for a new vocalist to replace Dead on their debut album. Of course, I agreed to their offer and in 1993 we recorded 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas', which to me remains one of the most magical albums of all time. The music opened some unfathomable dimensions that reached beyond what we were able to handle and it unleashed a complete chaos, which ended up at burning churches and eventually a murder within the band. It was almost impossible to release that record, but when it finally came out under the sun in '94, it left a lasting impact on the whole metal scene. The so-called "2nd wave of black metal" was born in the cold and dark underground of Oslo. At the same time Mayhem collapsed and got burned down as well. From those ashes, the band had to rise again, when Mayhem reunited with some old and new members. Yet that album always remained so strong and so unique that even after my reunion with Mayhem in 2004, we were still not comfortable to present it live in full. Time passed and the whole band got stronger and more experienced. In 2016 we suddenly felt that it was time to finally play the whole record in order to unleash That Beast after more than two decades. 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathans' will soon become alive!"


MAYHEM admat EU 2017 autumn

29 Sep 17 Berlin (DE) Colombia Theater

30 Sep 17 Dresden (DE) Reithalle

02 Oct 17 Stuttgart (DE) Wizeman

03 Oct 17 Graz (AT) Orpheum

04 Oct 17 Nilvange (FR) Le Gueulard

05 Oct 17 Köln (DE) Essigfabrik

06 Oct 17 Avelgem (BE) Hardrock Fest

07 Oct 17 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje (Soulcrusher Fest 2017)

08 Oct 17 Mannheim (DE) MS Connection

09 Oct 17 Colmar (FR) Le Grillen

15 Oct 17 Marseille (FR) Jas Rod

17 Oct 17 Roma (IT) Orion Live Club

18 Oct 17 Maribor (Sl) Stuk

19 Oct 17 Bratislava (SK) Randal

20 Oct 17 Katowice (PL) Mega Club

21 Oct 17 Warsaw (PL) Progesja

22 Oct 17 Riga (LT) Melna Piektdiena

23 Oct 17 Tallinn (EE) Tapper

27 Oct 17 Göteborg (SE) Brewhouse

MAYHEM festival

30 Jun 17 Helsinki (FI) Tuska

08 Jul 17 Viveiro (ES) Resurrection Fest 2017

03 Aug 17 Wacken (DE) Wacken Open Air 2017

11 Aug 17 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault 2017

26 Aug 17 Crispendorf (DE) Wolfzeit Festival 2017

27 Aug 17 Bergen (NO) Beyond The Gates 2017




First came their cover of Mexican folk song “Malagueña Salerosa,” followed by a reimagining of Mr. Bungle’s “Retrovertigo.” Now Avenged Sevenfold continue the rollout of new tracks with the release of “Dose,” a song originally intended to be part of the track listing on newest album, The Stage.  

“Musically, ‘Dose’ was supposed to be a Part 2 to “Roman Sky” and had a very cinematic feel, but we turned it into more of a tripped-out metal song,” says vocalist M. Shadows. “The lyrics were inspired by an unsolved mystery that dates back to the 1950s about an airline traveler who, if you believe the story, supposedly fell into our dimension from another. According to reports, he showed up in a Tokyo airport with a passport from a country that didn’t exist anywhere on a map. He was detained for questioning, but mysteriously vanished from a room guarded by immigration officials, taking with him all evidence of his existence. It ties into the theory that there are infinite possibilities of our lives being played out across space and time. Don’t know if the story is true, but I’m fascinated by that kind of stuff and thought it’d be a fun idea for a song.”

The Stage is the band’s 7th studio album and first for Capitol Records. Co-produced by A7X and Barresi, The Stage is a work of immense scope and ambition, featuring 11 panoramic tracks tied together by an Artificial Intelligence theme. Inspired by the writings of Carl Sagan and Elon Musk, the album is the band’s first thematic release. Its epic 15-minute-plus closing track, “Exist,” features a guest appearance by award-winning astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson giving a spoken word performance he penned specifically for the album. Guitar World, who spotlighted Gates and Zacky Vengeance with a cover story, lauded the disc for being “the most surprising and ambitious album of their career.” The Guardian  and NME each gave it four stars, with the latter calling the album “their best yet,” adding that “they’ve truly arrived.” Q called it the group’s  “boldest album yet” and Classic Rock called it “a metal masterpiece.” Avenged Sevenfold recently released a video for a second album track, “God Damn,” which already has 3.3 million views. The album hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative Albums charts, No. 4 on the Top 200 and debuted Top 5 on iTunes in over 35 countries.  Its title track hit Top 5 at rock radio and its companion video has amassed over 18 million YouTube views to date.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Avenged Sevenfold live. Remaining dates are as follows:

July 14 – Cadott, WI – Rock Fest Amphitheater

July 16 – Toronto, ON – Rogers Centre

July 18 – Gilford, NH – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

July 19 – Montreal, QB – Parc Jean-Drapeau

July 28 – Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre

July 29 – Los Angeles, CA – Rose Bowl

July 31 – Sacramento, CA – Golden 1 Center

August 3 – Albuquerque, NM – Isleta Amphitheater

August 4 – Phoenix, AZ - University of Phoenix Stadium

August 6 – San Diego, CA – Petco Park

August 9 – Seattle, WA – CenturyLink Field

August 11 – Salt Lake City, UT – USANA Amphitheatre

August 12 – Nampa (Boise), ID – Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater

August 14 – Vancouver, BC – BC Place

August 16 – Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium




Towering above the vast majority of nefarious contemporary noisemakers, London’s Akercocke erupted across the consciousness of the UK metal scene in the late ‘90s, wielding a fiendishly inventive blend of death, black and progressive metal. Their distinctive, smartly-dressed demeanour and eloquent preoccupation with all things dark and Satanic marked them out both as ferociously individual artists and enlightened students of the pitch-black sonic code. Immediately embraced by the British faithful upon the release of debut album ‘Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene’, Akercocke spent the following decade leading the creative charge for their entire native scene. 

Akercocke received widespread acclaim for follow-up album ‘The Goat of Mendes’ (Peaceville, 2001) and despite enjoying furious momentum over the following years, the release of fifth album ‘Antichrist’ in 2007 signalled the end of the first chapter of the Akercocke story, when the band retreated into the shadows and remained dormant for the best part of a decade.

Fast forward to 2017 and Akercocke’s ongoing return to active service has reached its first invigorating climax. 2016 saw frontman and vocalist Jason Mendonca reconvening with drummer David Gray and returning original second guitarist Paul Scanlan to reignite the flames that first drove this band to deftly redefine an entire genre. This was deftly followed by a triumphant live return at Bloodstock festival in August 2016. 

Collectively buoyed by a renewed sense of purpose, the band reunited with former home Peaceville Records, to unleash their sixth full-length release – Renaissance In Extremis -  Mixed by legendary studio guru Neil Kernon [Nile, Deicide, Thin Lizzy] & mastered in NYC by Alan Douches at West West Side Music., Renaissance In Extremis is nothing short of a new dawn for these most eccentric of extremists.

On returning to the Peaceville family, founding member and drummer David Gray comments “Akercocke are proud and privileged to be returning to Peaceville Records this year for our new album, our first release for ten years. Peaceville unleashed the band on the wider metal community and were responsible for laying the foundations of our two-decade history. Therefore, it is wholly appropriate that they assist us once again in our mission to pursue quality progressive death metal to the masses!” 

A comprehensive reinvention and expansion of the band’s multifarious sound, Renaissance In Extremis delivers euphoric force and mind-boggling weirdness. There are scything thrash and death metal riffs in abundance, plus warped but elegant melodies and clouds of ugly dissonance; moments of unsettling calm and quiet. Renaissance In Extremis is a bold, bullish and belligerent statement of creative intent: metal’s dark spirit reborn in an explosion of bright ideas and inspirational fury.

Akercocke are ready to reveal the first track, entitled, “Disappear”, from their highly anticipated opus, Jason Mendonca introduces the song saying “Disappear gives a summary insight of all that follows on Renaissance in Extremis.  It contains all of the classic Akercocke hallmarks, yet aptly represents the bands development in intent, style and delivery.”




Nine Inch Nails have returned with a new track, "Less Than". It is first taken from a newly announced EP, Add Violence, due July 21 via Caroline Australia. The five-song collection is the second in a series of three related EPs - the first of which, Not The Actual Events, was released in December of 2016. 

Add Violence finds the band (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) becoming more accessible and impenetrable at the same time. The sonic palette expands significantly from Not The Actual Events, incorporating elements of beauty into the dark dissonance. The narrative arc linking the three records begins to emerge through the disassociated lyrics and the provocative and clue-filled cover artwork and accompanying physical component. 

Nine Inch Nails will headline FYF Fest in Los Angeles on July 23, marking the band’s first live performance since 2014. Headlining slots at Panorama in New York City, Riot Fest in Chicago and Aftershock Fest in Sacramento will follow. 

Add Violence is out July 21 via Caroline Australia.  




live shows of the German thrash metal legends Sodom, the former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, the hard rock cover specialist John Diva and many more – the lineup of the sixth Hamburg Metal Dayz from 22nd to 23rd September 2017 is all set! On top of that the event offers a diverse social programme with discussions, beer crate sessions and lectures. The Hamburg Metal Dayz are the place to be for metal heads, industry experts, music business people and fans. 

Hamburg, July 13th, 2017 – All in all 13 bands will play live at the concert location “Markthalle“ at the Hamburg Metal Dayz 2017. There will be thrash metal power of the German legends Sodom (headliner on Friday) and a very humoristic interpretation of metal by the band Knorkator (headliner on Saturday). The Norwegians of Trollfest will play a crazy mixture of folk and death metal, Walking Dead On Broadway will bring some deathcore to the stage and Exit Eden are four women with extraordinary metal voices. “We are very happy about our diverse lineup this year. Fans will get brilliant live entertainment from all kinds of different genres”, says Holger Hübner, founder of Wacken Open Air and organizer of the Hamburg Metal Dayz. “Furthermore we have a great programme apart from the music. It’s an established, international platform for artists, fans and metal business people to get in touch with each other.” The variety of the Hamburg Metal Dayz includes Meet&Greets, panels, workshops but also some special events. On Friday, 22nd September, for example, a cosy beer crate session with Tom Angelripper, the mastermind of Sodom, will take place. 

The 2-day-ticket for Friday and Saturday costs 60 € (excl. fees), one-day tickets are available for € 35 (excl. fees). The tickets can be bought at




Australian metal veterans, Frankenbok are set to return with a triumphant new album entitled Vicious, Lawless on July 14. Fresh from dates with Superheist & Dreadnaught, Frankenbok will hit the road through August & September in support of Vicious, Lawless. 

The album marks the bands eight official release and 20 years of playing metal for the masses... 


Saturday, August 19: The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

Friday, August 25: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Saturday, August 26: The Back Room Brisbane

Friday, September 1: The Boston, Perth

Saturday, September 2: The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Adelaide

Frankenbok celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2017. 

Only two members remain from the original 1997 line-up, Azza Bok and Timmy Bok, and they have been flying the Bok flag high for those two decades. With 60% of the band joining in the last 2 years, Daniel White from Scar the Surface, Tom Rossell from House of Thumbs/Heaven the Axe & Ricky Barbour from ISOLAR/Scale, the line-up is now secure and more hungry and ferocious than ever.

Vicious, Lawless is set to explode onto the scene and cement Frankenbok’s place in not only the local, but international community as well.    

Pre orders for the album are now available here



Japanese instrumental rock outfit Mono are returning to Australian shores this November in celebration of ten years since their debut visit to Australia, the band will visit Adelaide for the first time EVER in their history, as well as returning to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

Ten years on from their debut Australian tour, this visit follows their 2016 album "Requiem for Hell" and will feature the band playing music that spans their entire catalogue across a close to two hour show. Mono was originally formed in 1999 - their unique approach of blending orchestral arrangements and shoegaze guitar noise in their music has been held in extremely high regard; so much so, that the band's musicianship has been described as "music for the Gods". One of the most monumental live memories of the band was a special set of shows with a 23-piece orchestra in New York, Tokyo, London and Melbourne.

Their annual world tour consists of around 150 shows. The band has now visited over 55 countries and proudly holds the stake of being one of the most internationally successful bands in Japan. Among their fans, they are revered as one of the best live bands in rock. After releasing 10 successful albums including a live album with New York orchestra, the band received the highly regarded award "The Marshall Hawkins Awards: Best Musical Score - Featurette" from the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for their collaborative short film "Where We Begin" in 2015.

In 2016, the band recorded their 9th album "Requiem For Hell" with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago and was released worldwide on Oct 14, 2016. The album was accompanied by a feature documentary documenting the band's history through to the current day.

Having cemented their place amongst their post-rock and shoegaze contemporaries such as Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros and Mogwai, Mono are nonetheless peerless in terms of their incendiary live performances. Returning once again to our shores, this tour is a very special celebration of Mono's affinity with Australia, the scene of some of their greatest shows...



Septicflesh are releasing a lyric video for the second new song taken from their forthcoming tenth full-length, 'Codex Omega', which has been scheduled for release on September 1st. Septicflesh comment on '3rd Testament: "As the release date of our new album is getting closer, it is only appropriate to introduce you to the song that revolves around the main theme, '3rd Testament' (Codex Omega). So, behold the anti-bible. Listen to the sutras of the 3rd and final book in the divine drama series…"

Septicflesh are painting an apocalyptic vision and make full use of their impressive musical palette consisting of death metal and orchestral colours on their tenth full-length, 'Codex Omega'. 

From their alpha EP 'Temple of the Lost Race' that was released one year after their founding in 1990, the Greek musicians have pushed the limits of the metal genre and continued to explore new sonic path with every following release from their debut album 'Mystic Places of Dawn' (1994) to the stunning 'Sumerian Daemons' (2003), which have in the meantime all been re-issued by Season of Mist.

Yet Septicflesh had clearly come into their own sound when they unleashed their celebrated comeback album after a five-year hiatus that re-charged their artistic batteries. 'Communion' (2008) offered a well-balanced amalgamation of metal elements that were freely drawn from the darker side of the genre including death, black, and gothic metal with epic orchestral arrangements. This symphonic excellence was based on guitarist Christos Antoniou bringing to bear the fruits of his academic studies of classical composition, which he passed with honours and distinction.

With a clear musical compass to navigate, Septicflesh continued to explore their sound and the compositional possibilities of this new-found metal continent. 'The Great Mass' (2011) and 'Titan' (2014) saw the Greeks evolving at fast speed and at the same time gathering adherents as well as critical praise in ever growing numbers. Extended touring on both sides of the Atlantic and performances at about every important festival further consolidated the bands burgeoning status.

Although the biblical omega marks the end, Septicflesh on the contrary are reaching their current peak with 'Codex Omega', an album that clearly witnesses the Greek visionaries having come to maturity and expert craftsmanship in every sense.

Septicflesh are the undisputable masters of symphonic death metal and 'Codex Omega' is the perfect proof for this bold statement.