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Norwegian black metal group Kampfar have an important and influential history in the genre, with a number of quality releases leading up to 2015’s Profan. For their new video, which you can watch below, Kampar reach further back in their discography, to “Mylder” from 2014’s Djevelmakt

The video has been well-directed; something Kampfar was aiming for when they made the video... 

“We never managed to promote this album as well as the latter one, mainly because of complications when putting together tours, and when we so quickly went in and wrote and recorded Profan, the just as fabulous Djevelmakt did not get its fair share of attention,” Kampfar comment. “Seeing as this song is a mainstay in our live set, a statement of everything that Kampfar represents as one of the leaders of Norwegian Black Metal in this age, we felt the need to visualize it and create something unique in this time of low budget music videos.

You can purchase Kampfar’s most recent LP, Profan, here. You can purchase Djevelmakt here.



The rumours are true! Moonspell is ready to release their next album this year. The band is currently on pre-production with John Phipps at their home studios (Inferno) in Portugal and have recently posted online video stills of their daily work at the studio. The album title will be 1755 and it’s a quite surprising twist of events and direction for the band. Versing the Great Lisbon Earthquake (1755), the band has developed a lyrical concept that looks into the death and rebirth of Lisbon and how the disaster changed religion, politics and philosophy in the whole of Europe. The surprise is that the album will be fully sung in Portugese! What was supposed to be just a 4-song bonus for the Lisboa Under The Spell DVD (recorded last February in Lisbon with 4000 wild fans attending AND set to be released in 2018) evolved into a full length album that will be produced by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studios, DK) who worked with the band in a few previous releases (Under Satanae, Night Eternal, Alpha Noir/Omega White). In the band’s own words, Fernando (lead singer) explains: “We fell in love with the concept and it made perfect sense to sing it in our national language, Portuguese. I guess we were just waiting for the right opportunity to work on such an album. Musically it will be heavier than Extinct. It will be earthshaking but also very detailed with orchestrations and percussion as we want people to relive the Lisbon of the 18th century. Singing it in Portuguese, allowed me to find a different expression as a vocalist and my job is to be the survivor of the Earthquake, roaming the ruins and telling you all about it.”


The highly anticipated Warbringer album Woe to the Vanquished will be released on March 31st 2017 via Napalm Records/Rocket Frontman John Kevill comments on the video: “‘Remain Violent’ is a headbanging stomper of a track anchored around a really killer riff. Probably the most immediate and instantly memorable song off Woe to the Vanquished and sure to become a live favourite. The song deals with the increasingly militaristic behavior of the police in recent times, and the chorus line is a play on ‘You have the right to remain silent.’Crank it up and bang your fucking head! Remain Violent!”

The band’s official video for the first single “Silhouettes” can be viewed below. Pre-orders Woe To The Vanquished now



Aarrrrrrrr, the one and only heavy metal pirates of Alestorm are back, and they've brought with them their 5th full length album titled 'No Grave But The Sea'! Time to put on your eyepatch and let the rum flow freely for the unstoppable international party machine, as Alestorm have finally announced first and hotly anticipated details on their brand new album! 'No Grave But The Sea' will be released on May 26th 2017 on Napalm Records/Rocket Captain Christopher Bowes commented on the album: "Oh wow! It's a new Alestorm album! I hope all of you fellow humans & dogs like it; we think it's pretty gosh darn ok! It's also our first album to feature our grandiose guitarist Máté Bodor who brings his tasty & delicious solos and rifftacular riffing into the mix. This is the place in the press release where we would usually tell you this album is darker and heavier than our previous works, but that's probably not true. It is, however, full of epic songs about pirates, drinking, and pseudoscientific cryptogeography. I'm sure y'all will enjoy those things just as much as we do.”

No other band in the galaxy creates such epic modern symphonic folk metal anthems with endless hooks that will be stuck in your head until the heat death of the universe. Or in Alestorm's own words..."Stupid songs about getting drunk and stealing treasure”. Twisted together with blistering harmonized guitar & keyboard solos, thunderous power metal majesty, and unrelenting modern metal riffing, 'No Grave But The Sea' is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the most epic battle of your life. “A pirate's life is simple; we drink and steal and kill!

So raise up your tankard into the sky for this brand new treasure of pirate metal! Pre Orders for No Grave But The Sea are available now!


Meshiaak announce first ever tour supporting Metal Church


Sat 10 Jun – Tivoli, Bremen, GERMANY

Sun 11 Jun – Dynamo, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS

Mon 12 Jun – Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, GERMANY

Tues 13 Jun – Backstage, Munich, GERMANY

Weds 14 Jun – Das Cann, Stuttgart, GERMANY

Fri 16 Jun – Graspop, Dessel, BELGIUM

Sat 17 Jun – Stummsche Reithalle, Neunkirchen, GERMANY

Tues 20 Jun – Underworld, London, UK

Weds 21 Jun – Audio, Glasgow, UK

Thurs 22 Jun – Limelight 2, Belfast, UK

Fri 23 Jun – Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, IRELAND

Sat 24 Jun – Thekla, Bristol, UK

Tickets availble from

Featuring Jon Dette (Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Iced Earth), Dean Wells (Teramaze) & Danny Camilleri (4ARM) Meshiaak are thrilled to annouce they will be taking on their first ever tour in June and will be coming over to Europe to support thrash heroes Metal Church. Talking about the tour Dean Wells says; “We are extremely excited to be making our debut tour through Europe with the mighty Metal Church . We couldn’t be happier about starting our journey in Europe and we can’t wait to finally play these songs live. Hope to see a lot of new faces on the road!”

Formed in Melbourne, Australia by 4ARM’s Danny Camilleri and Teramaze’s Dean Wells, bassist Nick Walker and rhythmic weapon Jon Dette, of Iced Earth, Slayer, Testament and Anthrax together they combine formidable elements of progressive metal and thrash on debut album ‘Alliance of Thieves’ which was released in the summer of 2016 on Mascot Records. Upon release it received praise for its exceptional marrying of the two genres with brooding and smouldering undertones, it sets the tone for what is going to be a phenomenally frenetic live show. Talking about the album’s depth Danny elaborates; “‘It Burns at Both Ends’ is probably the most aggressive and angry song on the album and is a good release for me. I’ve struggled with anger issues for most of my life and though I’ve come a long way in recent times concerning it, I just feel that I was able to vent in that track. Every time I hear the song I can still remember exactly what I was thinking when I was tracking it.”


Fractured is a short film venture documenting the little-known recesses of underground Irish music. The work of independent filmmaker John Mulvaney, the acclaimed series aims to shed just the right amount of light on the individuals and bands/projects that operate on the peripheries of Irish culture, fuelled only by fervour and devoted fan bases.

Now halfway through its second series of films, Fractured once again promises rare, considered insights into the forces that drive the underground's tangible passion and pays much deserved heed to the voices of its practitioners, whose reward is often purely the satisfaction of creation. The 4th film in the second series looks at death metal band, Zealot Cult. ZC are based in the Limerick City, and consists of ex members of bands as diverse as The Swarm and Victim X.

Despite its rich musical heritage and the success of many of its more well-known musical exports, Ireland remains culturally conservative and mostly deaf to talent that lies outside of the accepted norm. Recent attempts by mainstream outlets to examine a burgeoning, but perpetually misunderstood, musically expressive niche have fallen short. John's attachment to Irish underground music, and familiarity with many of its key players, has granted him special access, resulting in atypical, relaxed interviews and intimate rehearsal footage. Regardless of genres and subgenres, these fragments of undeniable flair reveal an artistic community bound together by a shared heritage, a desire to communicate via their art, and a thoroughly encouraging DIY approach. Many of the acts and projects that allow Fractured admission to their world have toiled for years, scraping together the means to fund shared practice spaces, equipment, local gigs and self-managed tours that have sent some as far afield as the USA and Russia - all below the cultural radar of the majority of their homeland. Recognising their veritable labours of love, Fractured is both an examination of underappreciated talent and a paean to the seemingly unshakeable willingness of the Irish underground to forge on against all odds.


Just last week, Inter Arma Productions have set May 16th as the international release date for Nargaroth's highly anticipated seventh album, Era of Threnody. Nargaroth needs no introduction. German black metal's longest-running and most prolific band, Nargaroth has built a canon of work that's as infamous as it is legendary in the underground. Led as always by the peerless vision of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ash, the Nargaroth aesthetic has spanned the many extremes of black metal as an artform, but always done with bravado and self-belief, purity of intent and purity of purpose.

Now, with the band's first full-length in a long eight years, Era of Threnody has arrived to mark a glorious new epoch for Nargaroth. Ever aptly titled, Era of Threnody burns with rage and repose - a war cry from a battlefield long forgotten, a remembrance of sorrows past, present, and future. Across its 65-minute landscape, the 10 songs which comprise Era of Threnody paint a portrait of Nargaroth at its most dynamic: nearly every unique era of the band is represented, but executed with a startling sense of professionalism.  More accurately, perhaps, Era of Threnody is the sound of Nargaroth at the height of its powers, well rested from the studio hiatus and eager 'n' emboldened by an upcoming European tour with Absu and Hate 

The time of reckoning is at hand, and it is indeed the Era of Threnody! Full "Crusade of Threnody" tour dates with Absu and Hate as follows:

19.05 - Zilinia (SVK) @ Klub Koleko

20.05 - Cluj Napoca (ROM) @ Flying Circus

21.05 - Bucharest (ROM) @ Fabrica

22.05 - Budapest (HUN) @ Durer Kert

23.05 - Vienna (AUT) @ Viper Room

24.05 - Cottbus (GER) @ Gladhouse

25.05 - Oberhausen (GER) @ Helvete

26.05 - Schweinsburg (GER) @ Dark Troll Fest

27.05 - Annaberg (GER) @ Alte Brauerei

28.05 - Flensburg (GER) @ Roxy

29.05 - Tilburg (NLD) @ Little Devil

30.05 - Cardiff (UK) @ The Globe

31.05 - Glasgow (UK) @ G2

01.06 - London (UK) @ Boston Music Rooms

02.06 - Amstelveen (NLD) @ P60

03.06 - Kuurne (BEL) @ Throne Fest


Canada’s Annhilator is the lifework of guitarist Jeff Waters. Founded in 1984, the band took the metal scene by storm with their debut 1989 release “Alice In Hell”, upped the ante with 1990’s “Never, Neverland” and has continued a non-stop career-pattern of releasing records and touring with many of the biggest bands in the metal genre, ever since; cementing Annihilator as the biggest-selling metal act in Canada’s history. After 18 months of touring for the band’s latest album “Suicide Society”, the band is currently finishing up their 16th studio release and is getting ready to headline not only the mighty Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, but hit the road for their first Canadian tour since 1993.

The tour will see the band kick off their first date in Victoria, BC on June 13th and travel east wrapping up the tour in Cornwall, on July 1st during Canada day weekend festivities. This is very big news for Canadian metal fans, both young and “older” whom have been waiting for an Annihilator tour to return to Canadian soil for over 20 years!

Support on this tour comes from Australia's Mason whom was Annihilator support in Europe last year & from Montreal, QC thrashers Mutank who won the acclaimed Wacken Metal Battle Canada contest in 2014 and have also performed at Wacken Open Air. The band’s founder, Jeff Waters (also known as guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, manager) was asked how it feels to be “back” touring his home country: “I have always enjoyed flying the flag for one of the nicest countries and people in the world, despite having very little support from the industry here to play and releasing CDs in Canada. It sure is an honor to be nominated for a Juno, after all these years, and to have the opportunity to tour this great and metal land! It will be some of our best-ever shows this summer. We look forward to meeting the metal fans and to show them what the rest of the world has seen us do every year for decades. It’s about time, eh?!

Annihilator has given the metal world a sound that is one of the clearest, most-tasteful mixtures of huge, metal riffs with the idea of the perfect song and some legendary solo shredding as the icing on the cake.



Direct Touring presents Insomnium in an Australian East Coast Tour this May! Yes! The Finnish Melodic Death Metal masters Insomnium are heading to Australian for their first ever headline tour. After an unforgettable run of shows in 2015 supporting The Haunted, fans and critics were united in their praise of the bands crushing and dynamic live show.

The call has been answered; Insomnium return: from the land of a thousand lakes comes a band with a thousand melodies that spawn a thousand emotions. Across six albums now Insomnium have set melancholy, sorrow and the weight of long winter nights against the first sunbeams of a spring morning, beauty and hope. The result is a breathtaking journey in crafting melodic metal perfection. As they age, the heavy parts become heavier and the contrasts become greater. Brutal blasting that ventures into the realm of black metal, gut wrenching balladry or straight up pounding rock. Insomnium take you on an emotional roller coaster. One you will want to ride again and again, if only to further discover all the subtleties and minute details weaved into every majestic composition.

Insomnium mark 20 years as a band this year after being formed in the Finnish university city of Joensuu back in 1997. Tour by tour and album by album these passionate musicians edged their way to the very top of the scene to now become the spearhead of Finnish melodic death metal. Their evolution continues... Insomnium are touring in support of their latest musical epic, Winters Gate, a multi award winning album and a defining moment in the melodic death metal genre. An act hailed by many, equalled by few, and an undiscovered gem for the uninitiated. Along for the ride is Australia’s own melodic metal powerhouse - Orpheus Omega. The band has toured relentlessly in support of their most recent album, Partum Vita Mortem and will make one final trek around the country before heading into the studio for their next album.

This tour is not to be missed!


Thursday, May 25: Max Watts, Melbourne

Friday, May 26: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

Saturday, May 27: Crowbar, Brisbane

Tickets here! 



Necronomicon have launched an IndieGoGi campaign and announce 2017 tour dates... NecronomiconconGoGo? Anyway, Necronomicon has a long history and a very loyal fan base of which they are highly proud of. It is now the time to show your support by helping the band finance their upcoming album "Unleashed". Alongside Agentur EAM and Into The LimeLight Records Necronomicon are raising funds to finalise the production of their new record and a re-release of their last album Pathfinder. One moment that will undoubtedly go down in the annals of Thrash Metal history occurred in Germany August of 1984 when four young men, Freddy, Lars Honeck, Jürgen Weltin (Jogi) and Axel, decided to launch what was to become the countries’ cult Thrash Metal Band – NECRONOMICON.The debut album “Necronomicon”, which caught the attention of the Thrash Metal scene, and garnered not only praise for the band, but also created the solid foundations of a fan base that has remained with the band throughout the years.

Your help will make it possible to create two fantastic products for Necronomicon fans! To find out more about the campaign and donate please visit:

Necronomicon have of course would like to give back to their fans so make sure to check out the unique items you can rereive including guitars, backdrops and signed CD's! Last but not least the band will be embarking on a tour accross Argentina this July 2017.

For tickets and all info make sure to follow the announcements here 



Northlane have released their new stand-alone single “Citizen” recently. The single was recorded by David Bendeth at his studio in New Jersey. The video for "Citizen" was filmed by Jason Eshragian who has previously worked with Northlane on the “Intuition” and “Impulse” videos. “Citizen is a song that was written about the first world police state and our willingness to live under the watch of those in power, for their means, while those who blow the lid on it suffer,” explains Northane guitarist Josh Smith. “Writing this one was quite a mission, we went through five completely different sets of lyrics and the final incarnation of the song was the eighth revision. It took a lot of work but we are proud of it and beyond excited to share it with you all.

Citizen” follows on from their previous track “Intuition” which was revealed as a surprise gift for fans at one of the band's live performances earlier this year. Northlane will continue to hit festival stages throughout 2017 with appearances on the main stage at Download Festival (UK) and Hellfest (France). The band will also play at Vainstream Rockfest (Germany), Jera On Air (Netherlands), Graspop (Belgium), Dissonance Festival (Italy), Rock For People (Czech Republic), Resurrection (Spain) Hammersonic (Indonesia) as well as Big Pineapple Music Festival here in Australia.

Before Northlane take off to the Northern Hemisphere, local fans can catch the band hitting up the regional hot spots around the country with Hands Like Houses. The full list of local supports can be seen below, and includes some familiar faces in Void of Vision, Saviour and The Brave.

Wednesday 10th May - Enigma Bar, Adelaide SA With Void of Vision & Levels

Thursday 11th May - Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC With Void of Vision & Winfield

Friday 12th May - The Wool Exchange, Geelong VIC With Void of Vision & Amberyse

Saturday 13th May - Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea Heights VIC With Void of Vision & Pridelands

Wednesday 17th May - Academy, Canberra ACT With Whitefall

Thursday 18th May - Home Tavern, Wagga Wagga NSW With Rumours

Friday 19th May - Uni Bar, Wollongong NSW With Graves & Vices

Saturday 20th May - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW With Graves & Set Me On Fire

Wednesday 24th May - Coffs Hotel, Coffs Harbour NSW With Meridian Theory

Thursday 25th May - Miami Tavern, Miami QLD With Saviour & She Cries Wolf

Friday 26th May - Spotted Cow, Toowoomba QLD* With The Brave & My Friend The Betrayer

*Hands Like Houses Not Appearing The Big Pineapple Music Festival Saturday

27th May - Big Pineapple Complex, Woombye, QLD

Tickets on sale now For complete tour and ticketing information, visit: