Claret Ash Premiere Essence of Fire Video from Forthcoming Album 'The Great Adjudication'

The Essence of Fire is here...

Behold the new video clip, Essence of Fire by progressive black metal band Claret Ash. Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Claret Ash have just released their new album 'The Great Adjudication'. This video captures the fury and emotion from the stage and demonstrates the power exerted by the musicians.

Band member James Edmeades states, "We had the opportunity to capture the theatrics from the stage and twist the intensity of our performance into another artform. The song Essence of Fire explores the journey within and the burning desire for personal improvement. When awoken the balance of light and dark becomes clear and the choice to emerge and evolve is born".

The video is in conjunction with By the Blade Productions and filmed by Shananigans Entertainment.

The new album 'The Great Adjudication' is available now in multiple formats, linked below.

I want a copy!