Seether Announce 'Poison The Parish' Australian Tour Dates

Seether's existence itself is an act of rebellion

On the back of their heaviest album to date, Seether are intent on blasting the roof off with equal measures of ferocity and purpose. This is a band that knows how to connect with an audience, whilst delivering all the blood, sweat and sheer musical brutality that transports fans to a state of nirvanic rhapsody.

Seether's existence itself is an act of rebellion, weaponized to cut through the noise with truth telling clarity and undeniable authenticity. “We want to bring back musicality, playing loud, and the importance of having something to say that you can stand behind,” declares Seether front man/co-founder Shaun Morgan. “It’s about honesty in your music."

Seether are not your bog-standard riff-mongers. This is a multiplatinum rock anthem machine whose live performances are armed with soaring guitars and monster melodies delivered with an atmospheric crunch that will leave fans blissfully drained.

As well as killer tracks from Poison The Parish such as “Stoke The Fire” and “Let You Down”, fans will be treated to veritable hit parade of classic Seether including “Broken”, “Fake It”, “Rise Above This”, “Fine Again”, “Gasoline” and “Remedy”.

With power and grace, these descendants of Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden continue to create modern, urgent and memorable music fifteen years into an illustrious and highly successful career. Relentlessly hard working, creating something of value and meaning is nevertheless Seether's north star. “Give something to people,” Morgan says. “Make people's lives better in some way. That's really the point.”


Australia & New Zealand May 2018

Wednesday 23rd May - Sydney, Metro Theatre

Friday 25th May - Melbourne, The Forum

Saturday 26th May - Brisbane, Eatons Hill


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