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and will release their previous two albums on vinyl to mark the occassion!
New Jersey’s progressive metal masters Symphony X are set to release their brand new, ninth studio album called Underworld on July 24th via Nuclear Blast Records.
Titanfest 2015 has just announced the final line-up for its inaugural all-dayer, taking place on Saturday, May 30.
With songwriting talents given by the demons, the material practically wrote itself...
Although still firmly rooted in the fertile soil first cultivated by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult, Lucifer exist in a proudly liberated and limitless sonic realm, where the heaviest blues rock is a mere starting point for the band’s skyward creative trajectory.
Debut album from musical collective slated for release this (Northern) Autumn!
Additionally The 69 Eyes re-released Devils (2004), Angels (2007) as well as Paris Kills (2002) as a special edition. Each re-release includes the original album track listing plus three bonus tracks.
Hilarious, infectious and demented all at once, the band's music forces repeated spins, even though every ounce of decency you might possess suggests otherwise.
One hell of a good tour if you like your metal satanic and deathy!
The Whales and Leeches tour just gets bigger and bigger for these hard rockin' fuckers