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Revocation 'Existence Is Futile' Re-Released on Vinyl Through Metal Blade Records!

American technical death metal band Revocation to hit vinyl with Existence Is Futile (for the first time ever!) via Metal Blade Records!

On October 6th, Metal Blade Records will release REVOCATION's 'Existence Is Futile' for the first time ever on vinyl!

36 Crazyfists On The Impending Release of 'Lanterns'

"Lanterns is about the fight within us all... forever refusing to sink."

Alaska's 36 Crazyfists will release their deeply personal new album Lanterns on September 29 through Spinefarm Records / Caroline Australia

Cripper Premieres Video for 'Into The Fire'

So what do you do as a band to not bore yourself with repetition? Right, you crank it up to 11 and take it to the next level!

On September 15th German metal commando

Azarath Have Kicked off European Tour With Immolation!

Oh and Melechesh are along for the ride also....

Polish death/black metallers AZARATH have kicked off a European tour supporting IMMOLATION and MELECHESH started Thursday (September 7th) in

Metal Blade Records and BMG released For the Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records

For the Sake of Heaviness pulls back the curtain to reveal the definitive look at how Metal Blade began

Earlier this week, Metal Blade Records and BMG released For the Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records - written by label founder and CEO

Origin Premiere Music Video for "Infinitesimal To The Infinite" 

"We would ask the audience to give us title ideas, but we could never discern what they were actually saying" laughs Ryan.


Ragnarok Announce New Bassist And Latin American Tour Dates

"Originally it was our intention to use a session bassist going forward," explains founder and frontman Jontho.

Norwegian black metallers RAGNAROK have embarked on a Latin American tour with their new bassist Rammr (Jordskipstyrann, Elvarhøi) on September 6th.

Evil Invaders Announce Upcoming Tour With Grand Magus!

This is a must-have for every guitar-freak and for fans of Death, Slayer, Kreator and Judas Priest's Painkiller!

What a nice surprise! Belgium’s EVIL INVADERS have announced a full European tour run with mighty GRAND MAGUS!

Septicflesh Release Video for 'Portrait of a Headless Man' - The Crown Jewel In Codex Omega...

"Our Art is our Church. Our Queen is no 'virgin' Mary"

The highly anticipated tenth Septicflesh full-length, 'Codex Omega' has finally hit the shops - Friday, September 1st the be exact.

Trivium Announce New Album - 'The Sin and the Sentence' for an October 2017 Release

Trivium have come roaring back, The Sin And The Sentence combines a truckload of classic Trivium dynamics to create something fresh.

Trivium has unveiled details of their new album, The Sin and the Sentence due for an October 20 release via Roadrunner Records and available for pre-