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The Weekly Ticket Stub...

Deep Purple to Plague Throat; British Rock Gods to the devilish dusts of India... Heavy Metal covers the globe!

The Swedish juggernaut that is Entombed A.D. are heading our way in May – courtesy of Hardline Media - and we are delighted to inform you that tickets are on-sale

The Weekly Ticket Stub...

It is Norwegian festivals, album launches and saucy emoji's(?) this week... We have Copia, Norse, Ensiferum; basically more metal than you can poke a drum stick at

Iron Maiden's stance against exploitative ticketing is proving a huge success as they champion theur fans with a series of anti-tout initiatives for their UK arena

The Weekly Ticket Stub...

Indeed another mammoth week in metal; Copia, Rotting Christ and a new thing called Gangsta-Metal?? Not sure how I feel about that yet. To give you the round up is Metal As Fuck...

Rotting Christ have announced a massive string of European shows from spring to autumn 2017, which will cover sixteen different countries.

The Weekly Ticket Stub...

It has been a hell of a week...

2017 has only just begun and yet we are looking down the barrel of another hectic and amazing year; already we see our fists diving into our pockets for some mega international tours; releases from

Alter Bridge Announce Australian Tour Support...

“We have fought for every little piece of ground that we have gained here in the US and in Europe. To come home now to play our FIRST show in New Zealand as Like A Storm, as well as Australia, AND to do it with Alter Bridge, this is a dream come true.”

In late 2016, Alter Bridge announced that they will return to Australian shores in April 2017, the tour of which is presented by MJR Presents; on the back of

HADAL MAW: Announce Supports for 2017 Olm Tour

"The bills are a mix of old friends, guys who have been incredibly supportive since we kicked things off"

After a rousing reception to the release of Hadal Maw’s latest crushing ear worm, The Olm; the band have just announced which bands will be joining them o

Nuclear Assault: Australian Tour 2017 - Supports Announced

Time to wear your heart on your denim sleeves!

One of the most iconic bands of the US Thrash Metal movement, Nuclear Assault, will be coming to Australia for their first and last time in February 2017.

Stormrider Festival 2017 Announce Full Lineup!

For the love of all things metal!!

The Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival is back for another year to celebrate our love of Power, Thrash, Speed, Prog and Traditional Heavy Metal …...and Viking Folk!

I Prevail Announce Australian Tour For 2017

With their live performances described as stunning, Australia is in for a sweet-treat in 2017

I Prevail have quickly garnered a burgeoning global fan base since their inception two years ago and Australia is right at the forefront!

Blunt Shovel Set to Release Debut in 2017

Fuck the hip and happening...

Get in the Ground” is the debut album from Blunt Shovel. an Australian Death Metal band based in Melbourne.