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Gallery: Kreator @ HQ (Adelaide), 27 Sept 09

Kreator thrashed the fuck out of a smallish Adelaide audience on Sunday night, showing us exactly how thrash should be played: fast, intense, and without compromise. They were ably supported by Aussie thrash icons Mortal Sin.

Gallery: Kreator @ the HiFi (Brisbane), 25 September 2009

German Thrashmeisters Kreator tear it up at the HiFi Brisbane. These guys were supported by Mortal Sin, but thanks to one light-fingered punter, our photographer had his Mortal Sin photos stolen! How very unmetal... at least the main act's pix are safe. Enjoy!

Kreator @ HQ (Adelaide), 27 Sept 2009

From start to finish, this show was absolute gold. Aussie thrashers Mortal Sin put on a killer set and did their best to warm up the crowd for Kreator; but when Kreator hit the stage they weren't so much upstaged as seen to be in a completely different class. The German thrash gods played thrash the way it's meant to be: fast, intense, and without compromise.

Sunday night shows are always a bit hit-and-miss in Adelaide, regardless of whether they're all ages or 18+ shows.

Kreator @ The Metro (Sydney), 24 Sept 2009

Mid-week gigs are normally a hard one to predict in terms of crowd attendance. But, being a Thursday night in late September, the punters were lined up en-masse at Sydney's Metro Theatre for their dose of legendary German thrash metallers Kreator, backed by Australian thrash icons Mortal Sin.

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Kreator Australian Tour 2009

Scorpion Entertainment & Riot! Entertainment presents the world’s most influential and successful European thrash band in the history of heavy metal, Kreator!
Tour Dates: 
23/09/2009 - 29/09/2009

Death Angel & Armored Saint, HQ Adelaide, 13/03/09

For a killer thrash show, you couldn't have gone past this one. Death Angel and Armored Saint thrashed the pants of Adelaide's metalheads on Black Friday.


Death Angel hits Australia - and they are all fucking excited

To the delight of thrash fans across Australia, Death Angel's March 2009 tour was announced late in 2008, and we are seeing these guys on our shores this week. To talk about this tour, I had the opportunity to chat with band member Rob Cavestany.

Early in 2008 I had the opportunity to talk to Mark Osegueda about Death Angel's ki