Q & A

Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved: Ehwaz and Paradoxes

Ivar Bjørnson discusses Enslaved's rugged and enigmatic new album, E.

Having recently completed their incredible 25th Anniversary tour, Norway’s purveyors of melodic-extreme metal Enslaved are set to release their fourteenth studio album, enigmatical

Q&A with Caligula's Horse

"And yes, it is a saxophone, trust me folks!"

To say Australia's Caligula's Horse have had a fruitful few years is an understatement.

Q&A with Claim The Throne

"The process was something that we enjoyed and the positive attitude translates to the recording".

Australia's Claim The Throne will return with their next offering 'On Desolate Planes' next month and already the material is described as a feast for the senses, with a h

Frost of Satyricon: Darkness and Light

Three years in the making, borne of the depths of the mind and the night, Deep Calleth Upon Deep promises to be a milestone release for Satyricon.

Few bands have been as formative and yet, as challenging to their genre as Norway’s Satyricon have been for black metal.

Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost: Anti-religion, anti-materialism and Medusa

Paradise Lost challenge us to gaze unto to monster that is our present, and our future.

Pioneering British gothic-doom metal band Paradise Lost are set to rele

Metal As Fuck Q&A With Insomnium....

With the Insomnium Australian tour heading our way fast, Metal As Fuck caught up with the band for a quick speed Q&A session whilst making their way through the winding roads of China...

With the Insomnium Australian tour heading our way fast, Metal As Fuck caught up withvocalist and bassist Niilo Sevänen for a quick speed Q&A session

L.G. Petrov of Entombed A.D.: ‘We Are The Same Drunken Metalheads As Always.’

“We’re Entombed, just with the ‘A.D.’”

Few individuals have defined their own brand of rocking death metal with

Q&A with Riley Strong of Desecrator...

"A desecration is similar to an obliteration, not distant from an annihilation and a distant cousin of a remuneration".

Metal As Fuck recently caught up with Riley Strong, a duel talented chap playing the role of vocalist and guitarist in Desecrator for a quick Q&am

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder: Bringing Down The Fourth Wall

American death metal force The Black Dahlia Murder prepare to inflict some Abysmal love upon Australia.

Scarcely has there been a band as renowned for shredding, pulverising and sheer energetic live shows as American death metal force The Black Dahlia Murder.

Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson of Marduk: It’s a Natural Thing

Marduk's founder and guitarist Morgan on inspiration, protesters and coming back to Australia in the lead up to Direct Underground Fest.

Since their last onslaught on Australian stages in 2015, longstanding Swedish black metal band