Release Reviews

Satyricon look inward to the complexities of darkness in their bold and brooding ninth studio album, Deep Calleth Upon Deep.
"New Ways to Bear Witness is by far one of the strongest opening tracks you will hear on an new album this year...
Amain is one of the stand out albums of 2017!
Mendoca leads by example, summoning shrieks and growls that would make Lucifer himself feel overshadowed
Fruity loops...
Overall if you were screaming for a heavy folk flavour with an emphasis on acoustic passages from Eluveitie you’ll love this record,
Although expanding their sound throughout the album they are staying true to their colours Green, Gold and Black!
You will either choke on it or spit it out
Epica release a captivating and intriguing EP in the wake of The Holographic Principle
"Let me start off by making this very clear, I hate metal..."