Release Reviews

Unrelenting blastcore insanity from these twisted Swiss misters... and no yodelling or hot cocoa in sight!
Melodic Rock, Stadium Rock, AOR... whatever you want to call it, this is an album at the top of its game. A huge welcome to these Finnish rockers and their debut album.
A blast from the past with recognisable themes, sounds and vocals. The Order are a Swiss band who are heavily influnced by all the favourites from the 80s.
This album is a series of songs of love, loss and pain. Old masters of metal, Obituary, powerfully convey the violent energy (and sometimes hopelessness) of such feelings with ceaseless percussion, screechingly singing and thumping, doomful guitars, topped with Tardy’s distinctive, deathly vocals. This is classic Obituary – in a polished, well-produced release.
Another of example of how the 80s are kicking us up the arse and reminding us why we loved and still love 80s metal so much. Even if it is 'uncool' to admit it.
If performing double-kicks were an Olympic sport, the drummer for death metallers Augury would win a medal.
Let your mind be carried away on an otherworldly journey with Memoria Vetusta II – Dialogue With The Stars. This latest release from Blut Aus Nord is a cosmic experience, I recommend tuning in, turning it up – and letting yourself be carried away.
Minsk's third album is a sublime and scaring example of musical genius that is deserving of time and attention.
Whether achieving gold status with a DVD or being threatened with bum-sex by an androgynous retard, The Black Dahlia Murder are making serious waves at present. With Deflorate, the flood looks likely to continue.
What do you get when you cross folk music with heavy metal? I don’t know – what do you get when you cross folk music with heavy metal? Well whatever it is, it ain’t Subway To Sally!