Release Reviews

What happens when Swedish black death metallers The Legion decide to produce an album completely by themselves? A farce? A half-rate sack of crap? Think again!
Zero Illusions release their debut album but maybe needed a bit more time to tie up some loose ends.
Take a pinch of Dragonforce, a shake of Iron Maiden, and mix in some, at times, disturbing lyrics on the subjects of blood, demons and the undead, and you've just baked yourself a cake of Crimson Cult.
Tuomas Holopainen and Tony Kakko walk into a bar. Tuomas knocks himself out. Before he can recover, Tony steals his songbook, turns his amps to 11 and sets out to record "The Days of Grays."
Grab your hairspray and your spandex pants as Christian Rockers Stryper put down their bibles and pick up their instruments to serve up one hell (oops) heck of an album. The 80s are back and they never sounded so heavenly.
Molotov Solution's latest album The Harbinger is packed with all-out, decimating aggression, and call-to-arms lyricism.
As You Drown's cathartic debut album Reflection is skillful, unforgiving Swedish death metal.
Defueld offer their debut album full of classic heavy metal with a fresh twist that will have you wanting more.
Coalesce are by no means the world's most prolific band, but their fan-base is considerable and with the release of fourth album Ox, I suggest that their following is set to increase.
I haven't been addicted to an album with such intensity as this since I first heard Steel Panther's release Feel The Steel. The difference is that this is otherwise a middle-of-the-road death metal release. The reason for my addiction took some figuring out.