Release Reviews

A classic death metal sound; ideal for headbanging to yet with more depth and complexity to offer than limiting speed-guitar and brutal drums. Songs of horror, with touches of haunting piano. 'The Horror' is an impressive debut album from Swedish band Tribulation.
Capturing a mix of Epica metal infused with an orchestra, The Classical Conspiracy is a musical performance that has to be heard.
There's no doubt that eyes have been fixed firmly in the direction of ex-Sonata Arctica songwriter/guitarist Jani Liimatainen since the inception of Cain's Offering, and the debut offering from the power metal quintet clearly has a heritage to uphold.
This young Melbournian metal group has released a teaser for their upcoming album - a sign of things to come.
He ain’t fucking dead!! Bon Lives!! And he’s back with an album that reeks of whiskey, cigarettes and hard times. And after that initial laughter dies in your throat you’ll be banging your fists on the bar, demanding another drink and toasting these bastards for bringing him back.
Beneath the Massacre offer a brain-crushing style with Dystopia that is beyond reproach.
It's been a couple of years since Vanmakt's previous effort Vredskapta Morkersagor, and shit, these dudes have not been standing idle. If their previous album was not intense enough for you, then bludgeon your ears with this one and reassess your opinion.
Finally deciding to hollow out the "-core" from their particular brand of death metal and hardcore hybrid, this cowboy rides harder and louder than ever, before albeit on the top of a familiar horse...
The cover might look prog rock, the title might have you thinking of Yes, but this is an album that is steeped in 80s stadium rock, lighters waving, girls swaying and a t-shirt purchase on the way out. The latest from this legendary UK rock/AOR band is nothing short of great.
Italian Power Prog masters Eldritch deliver their powerful and explosive live show in the form of Livequake.