Release Reviews

There's no metal to be had here, but there's plenty of heavy. Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie know how to get heads banging even without our genre's precious electrics.
Could be the best grindcore release of the year - pull out all the stops and grind your face off!
Mixing their roots with a modern twist, Dreadnaught deliver their newest effort in 2009's [D->0].
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder’s new material has a ‘raped by bears’ fierceness, to borrow a phrase from the band themselves, as well as punishing speed to channel some of the greatest thrash influences from early metal.
Antigama's post-grind, purgatory-drenched aesthetic rivals any recent releases in its class. It also reveals that the nine-year-old band is not only maintaining a standard, but surpassing it.
Holy screaming misfits of doom Robin what is that you’re playing? I could feel the vibrations down in the batcave!
I must admit that prior to watching the documentary about As I Lay Dying included in this pack, I couldn't have given two shits about this band. It's a credit to both the band members themselves, and to the filmmaker Denise Korycki, that by the end of it I did give a fuck - enough to sit through the following two discs.
This is the first live recording in Death Angel's history. It's very well representative of these guys on stage, and is not the sort of DVD you want to miss out on. Thrash fans, and Death Angel fans in particular, need to get their hands on it. Now.
Obscura's Cosmogenesis hits the ground running, delivering an epic blend of mind-boggling technical proficiency, and brutally melodic innovation.
Combining power metal, thrash and hard rock, Japan's Argument Soul deliver their newest release in Conflict Of Crisis.