Release Reviews

Although a promising doom prospect, does the debut album from Brooklyn-based Tombs have what it takes?
Dark, heavy and evil. Goatwhore crush, kill and destroy with terrifying speed in their fourth flesh-ripping and face-melting record.
Oceansize paint a broad musical picture with elements from different realms with their latest effort Frames.
Edguy was founded in 1992 by 14-year-old students and they're still doing it under the same name all these years later. That alone garners a certain amount of respect. They're a power metal band that has put in the hard yards. I was hoping that a DVD release from them, with a live performance and a documentary, would reveal some pretty interesting stories. Sadly that's not the case.
With a cavalcade of special guests and some hard rocking tunes, legendary metal vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens's first solo effort announces it's time to Play My Game.
Mention the name Devildriver to most metal fans and you would get either a positive or negative response. However, you cannot deny their rising stature in the metal world, having turned out three solid albums previously - Devildriver, The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand and The Last Kind Words. But they come to their hardest hitting effort yet, Pray For Villains.
Got Rock? Come chill out with Carcass' guitarist Bill Steer's Firebird at their latest Grand Union...
No nostalgia trip here, NWOBHM originals Praying Mantis deliver a stunning rock/AOR album with no sign of flab, grey hair or walking frames.
Crikey, just when you think you’ve seen it all - I mean, pirate core, Christian black metal, Stryper’s return, Judas Priest doing gay leather cabaret - along comes Eureka’s concept album about an Antarctic Voyage across the ice!!
These Canadians put out the image of a high school drama Swashbuckle, but sound like a young Turiasis having taken a genre slip and hocked their feeling for technical prowess... digitally.