Release Reviews

Prog metal supergroup OSI keep the Blood flowing, pulling in different influences and taking the listener on a musical trip.
The forefront of blackened death metal stood only a handful of innovators - this once exclusive clique may be welcoming Australian newcomers Empyrean to their ranks with their explosive debut, Quietus.
Delivering their best performance yet, Switchblade's Invictus Infinitum is heavy and intense. The band with this release delivers a product that is world-class, and ready to take the world by storm.
Holy time warps Batman, is this a diabolical plot by the Joker? I’m trapped in a world of twin guitars and leather pants!
Combining new and old, covers and live, Behemoth's latest EP, Ezkaton, will keep their fans happy and ready for what is soon to come.
If there's one band that can inspire lion-maned headbanging metalheads to attend an opera festival, it's Therion. In the Miskolc Experience, black ties and black tour T-Shirts collide.
Tofu, anyone?
I'm a real Amon Amarth fan. If there were two death metal bands that I couldn't be without, it would be Morbid Angel and Amon Amarth. Fate Of Norns is one of my all time favourite albums. So I had high hopes for this re-release, and I'm pleased to say that it doesn't disappoint.
You want truth in advertising? Look no further than the title of this album! In fact the only other title they could have maybe used was “old school thrashing heavy metal.”
Sometimes a band can get a little too clever. Buried Inside are teetering on the edge of that with their latest album, Spoils Of Failure. Eight songs, titled one to eight in Roman numerals (i.e.: I, II, III, etc)? Come on guys, give us a break.