Release Reviews

Germany's Neaera forged an uneasy alliance with melodic death metal and hardcore that paid dividends in the stellar Armamentarium. Eventually, some stars are destined to fall...
Korpiklaani always promise us a good time. This release is no different - but stylistically there are some key differences from Korven Kuningas and Voice of the Wilderness. Be prepared for a very different Korpiklaani journey.
The Haunted come out blazing with both barrels: one loaded with classic studio cuts, the other with unreleased and rare tracks.
Being the final release by the legendary Canadian metal band, Infini delivers some classic tracks before closing the book on a legendary career - merci beaucoup, Voivod.
Roman Metal? Let Kataklsym's Maurizio Iacono take you back to Roman times while you use your head to bang and think...
I came to this album without any knowledge of the band and therefore no preconceptions. I came to the conclusion that you can't expect to be blown away by this release.
It's taken me a long time to review this release - as it does with any release that I really like - simply because I've had a hard time listening to it critically. That alone is a good indication that this is a killer release.
After All have brought us, with Cult of Sin, a relatively formulaic thrash release, but it's still worth a listen.
Concept albums often appear to many listeners to be a dreadful yawn. But in the case of Skyforger, in which the concept, the story, the music, and the vocals are so well matched, it's hard to dispute the fact that done well, these types of releases can be absolutely amazing.
Following their crushing debut album Unconcecrated, The Red Shore have recorded Lost Verses - an album containing new versions of their older material, to please old fans and to introduce them to new fans.