Release Reviews

These Swedish metalheads, who have obviously been brought up on a steady diet of AC/DC, Accept and Judas Priest, release an album that reeks of old school rock and more than a few stolen riffs.
With a bottle of Virgin Bourbon in one hand and a hooker in the other, these sleazy metal glam rock bums have pumped out another album of hook laden, air guitar-playing party tunes.
With his own personally made 6-octave, 7-string Sky guitar (I looked it up), Uli Jon Roth has blazed across the pomp rock universe laying down a musical style that strives to blend classical music, rock and roll, and opera into what he hopes is a new and exciting sound.
Being lauded as one of the legends of doom metal in today's heavy metal world, Candlemass have always been consistent from release to release, sticking to a high standard that is somewhat expected from their underground cult fan base - and Death Magic Doom is no exception to that standard.
Rarely does a new band strike one with such a blow as SWWAATS have done with their debut full-length release. It's absolutely killer. Make no mistake, this band sticks around, they are going to go a long, long way.
With Saxon, you always know what you're going to get. But that doesn't make it any the less enjoyable.
Swedish outfit that tote the line ‘prog rock’ but don’t let that or the balding heads fool you – this is basically good 80s hair metal/AOR but with a lot more maturity.
Concept album done right? You'd better believe it.
Imagine if Satan and Syd Barrett shared a tab of LSD, broke out the black light posters, strapped on the axe, warmed up the moog and jammed. Can't imagine that? Well Nachtmystium can.
This one takes you back through time, and then vomits you out the other side in a steaming pile.