Release Reviews

A strangely catchy blend of new age, synth driven pop music, tribal beats and vaguely spiritual leanings all wrapped in a leather and tattooed pagan princess scenario that had me thinking we might have stumbled onto Annie Lennox and Anton LaVey’s love child.
The Kings (and Queens) of gloom are back with their tenth album of wrist-cutter lullabies.
Three piece Aussie black metal/industrial band whose first demo barely hints at what could come. From the opening moment with the tape leader run in (despite being on a cdr!) this EP had me reminiscing about the tape trading days of yore. But damn, the quality has improved since then!
Chimaira have been doing their thing for around ten years and The Infection is their fifth album. From the opening track, The Venom Inside, this record has a powerful, angry vibe that doesn't let up. Sometimes you can tell from the first few minutes of an album that you're going to like it. On occasion that first impression can quickly be proved wrong, but that's not the case here.
I've been a big fan of Therapy? since I discovered Troublegum a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. That album still gets a spin with me every once in a while - it still stands as a great accomplishment. I've enjoyed other Therapy? releases too - Pleasure Death, Nurse, Infernal Love were all dark and raw, almost as good to me as Troublegum.
This is one of those albums where every song is like a solar flare from a black sun... therapy!
Amphetamine-fuelled rock and roll that’ll have you screaming “YeeHa” and guzzling straight shots of whiskey.
This release, Hemlock's fifth, is characterised by super heavy bass and drums, which are the greatest elements of the album.
Cannibal Corpse have delivered a very heavy album, but it perhaps isn't as good as it would seem.
The idea of putting legendary pop producers Stock, Waterman & Aitken together with Death Metal legends Six Feet Under might have seemed like a very strange idea - but damn did it come up with something amazing!!