Release Reviews

Aussie heavy metal that taps into the old and the new and delivers. Hatchet Dawn are definitely a band to keep your eye on.
Ever wondered what German Metal legends The Scorpions would sound like with Ronnie James Dio out front? Well look no further Axel Rudi Pell has the answer!
An album to throw on, drink a six pack to and remember the fun you had when the New Wave of British Heavy Metal first kicked you in the nuts!
One of Heavy Metal’s most underrated bands reminds us just how good they are.
The German power metal legends have come out swinging with yet another solid new release, with some curious twists and turns along the way.
Bring a band out of its black metal roots, dip it in industrial/electronica, and then strip it right back and record it, and what do you get? A killer release, that's what.
Hold on kids, this could get rough!!
This is a solid death metal release. While Blood Red Throne's last album was very much darker, more evil, speedier and less standardised, there is still a lot of good stuff going on in Souls of Damnation.
This release is unrelentingly old-school, and is pure gold from start to finish.
Pile on the cheese with Blood Ceremony’s Self-titled release - and re-live 70s psychedelic occult rock.