Release Reviews

The grave could not hold the seminally massive sounds of Bodychoke, and Relapse has re-released their climactic last album.
If you were to look up Psyopus on a website like Encyclopaedia Metallum and see their genre indicated as 'technical death/grind', you would get absolutely no idea of what this band is like. Be prepared to be utterly confronted.
Where The Faceless could have brought us an album that was very much same-same, and boring at that, they've managed to mix it up a bit on this release to keep you interested. It's an enjoyable listen, but it's far from stellar.
This dual DVD set not only gives you a full live show (Live in Montreal is Disc 1), running to 120 minutes, but it also gives you a bit of an insight into the band on Disc 2 - which runs even longer: 156 minutes. It's a great set, highly recommended viewing - despite its length.
Cauldron are an outfit from Toronto, Canada. They formed after the breakup of Goat Horn, a truly awfully named band that featured Jason Decay as singer and bassist and Al Chambers on drums. After Goat Horn's demise, Decay and Chambers were joined by Ian Kilpatrick on guitar and Cauldron was born. Other than their 2007 four-track EP Into The Cauldron, this year’s Chained To The Nite is their debut release.
This film has caught the attention of audiences world-wide. Having made waves and had standing ovations at several international film festivals, it has just been released on DVD. For far more than just the metal, this is an absolute must-see documentary.
This dual CD/DCD release from Twisted Sister (meaning that the live show on the DVD is simply the visuals added to the audio track that's on the CD) is pretty good. It has been done well in terms of the fact that, like all the best live DVDs, you get a real feeling for the show. Kind of like unauthorised recordings but of a far superior quality.
If you're after metal, you won't find it with The Sound Ex: it's really just hard rock.
Pain play a metal/industrial crossover style and it is absolutely filled with energy. There are a lot of metal chicks out there who don't mind going nuts and dancing hardcore to some brutal industrial and I suspect that they will love this.
French thrash/death act No Return bring us, with Manipulated Mind, their eighth studio album. These guys formed in 1989 and have therefore been doing their thing for a long time. In two simple words: it shows.