Release Reviews

Horror punk for punky horror fans...
Seedy Jeezus aren't jumping on a trend, you can tell these blokes live this life, it's seedy and off the wall and drug fueled and reckless. It's a mind blowing acid trip. I genuinely believe these blokes do believe they're living in the seventies.
A stompingly good time, Dead Lucky show the promise of South African metal!
Fuzzed out and drugged up seem appropriate words for the boys from Black Pussy who have dropped another slab of psyche-fueled acid rock for our edification
A fine listening experience that takes you on a heavy blues tinged journey, get in!
Let yourself be pummeled by the intense stoner metal of Lord Dying
The Answer fire up a pretty good album here, let down by a couple of ballads too far, I guess that's why the Little is in the title
Canberra's not just about politicians spilling things, you know...
Harkening back to the glory daze, where it all began...
This is for those that want to bang their head and throw horns up in the air while sporting denim and leather and shiny studded wrist bands.