Construcdead - Endless Echo (Sound Pollution/Riot)

This album is definitely an experience...

This was a hard album for me to listen to. The main reason is because of the songwriting style.  I don't know what it was about the sound of the music, but often when I was listening to this album I felt that the rest of the band was playing and trying to make a song - and then just as I would get to a point in the song where I was about to throw my head forward to bang my head, something would change and the whole song would go off in a different direction.  


With that being said there are some positives about this CD.  The song Mephisto was a good for its showcasing of the singer’s voice. I also thought that the drumming was good, and that the double kicks were deep and hard.  One of the things that I liked most, though, was that I got to really do some head banging; I have to admit I was hesitant at first to throw my head forward because of the other songs on this album, but after I did the band didn't let me down and I was able to bang all the way till the end.


I would also have to say that my favourite song off of the whole album would have to be A Dark Wave".  That song was in my opinion was the best song on this album; but there is no other way to describe this song than that the band just came together and all played the same song from start to finish.  The drums were deep and pounding, the growls and screams from the singer were dead on, and the guitar was right on point.  I have listened to this song over and over a couple of times now and it just keeps getting better.


With all of this being said above, except for the one or two good songs on this album this album was very difficult for me to listen to from start to finish.  I felt the songwriting was minimal at best, and overall the songs did not have a cohesive sound.  Unless you are already a fan of Construcdead or a fan of Swedish Death/Thrash metal I wouldn’t recommend this release at all.

Construcdead's Endless Echo is out now on Soundpollution/Riot.