Crimson Cult - self-titled (Dockyard 1/Riot)

Take a pinch of Dragonforce, a shake of Iron Maiden, and mix in some, at times, disturbing lyrics on the subjects of blood, demons and the undead, and you've just baked yourself a cake of Crimson Cult.
Release Date: 
2 Jun 2009 - 8:30am

Two years after the demise of Stygma IV, Günter Maier and Alex Hilzensauer met vocalist Walter Stuefew and drummer Peter "Beda" Bachmayer and the four musicians formed Crimson Cult. Just three weeks after forming they had written their debut self-titled release. Some may argue that an album written so quickly couldn't possibly be good, while others will argue that it proves the band are 'meant to be' if they can write ten songs so effortlessly. Thankfully, the opening of this album is all the proof needed that this album will support the latter argument and hush the discussion. Chugging guitars and extreme guitar solos, insatiable drums and lyrics that could scare the weak-hearted, this self-titled album is addictive.

You could be forgiven in places for mistaking Crimson Cult's grinding guitar riffs for Dragonforce and epic vocals for Iron Maiden. However with songs such as Evil Design, Lava Machine and 2000 Lights you can rest assured that all similarities end there and this is a band with a unique sound who, with this album, have proven that they can hold their own among the best providing a refreshing combination of more classic metal vocals mixed with power metal music. 

With songs named Undead, Dirty Demon and Misanthrope and lyrics talking about blood, death, demons, hatred, and torture, there is more than just a hint of evil in the theme of this album. This doesn't overshadow the poetic lyrics on every song, there might be evil undertones but the talent to write lyrics like this are a heavenly gift.

Despite the excellence of Crimson Cult it is quite draining and will cause your ears to bleed! With a running time of almost 55 mins for ten songs this album requires a lot of concentration to take it all in! However, getting through the whole album is worth every brain cell you've tired out and all of the blood you've wiped from your ears - and I guarantee you'll put yourself through it again and again.

Crimson Cult's debut release is out now on Dockyard 1/Riot.