Daemonicus - Host of Rotting Flesh (ViciSolum)

I haven't been addicted to an album with such intensity as this since I first heard Steel Panther's release Feel The Steel. The difference is that this is otherwise a middle-of-the-road death metal release. The reason for my addiction took some figuring out.


The reason for my addiction to this album - the band's debut, by the way - has been puzzling me. On the one hand, Daemonicus provide us with a reasonably typical death metal release. On the other hand, it's one of those rare releases that gets better the deeper into the album you get; no, more than this, it gets better and builds on itself, with every track.


One of the other reasons for my addiction to this release is that it's brooding thrashy death at its best. If you know anything you know that a lot of death metal has its roots in thrash - and if you need this demonstrated to you, you need to listen to this album.


For this album, elements that would normally count against it - like a reasonably muddy recording and a generally crusty production - work in its favour. This band, which has only been around since 2006, and for whom this is their first full-length CD, plays old school death metal the way it should be played. If I got a chance to see these guys live I'd nearly shit myself with excitement.


I might well be overreacting, but seriously this album is killer. It's a great release. With Host of Rotting Flesh you get an album filled with excellent rhythms and even sharper hooks; leads that are tightly played and seamlessly worked in; occasional audio surprises hidden deep within the mix that force you to listen to the release more than once; and lyrics that are far from philosophical: but with an album like this you want to bang your head - not think about the state of the world.


The stand-out track for me on this release is track nine, the second-last on the album, Swarm of Death. Yes, swarm of death: the concept alone amuses me, but the track itself is fucking good. Listening to this track it's almost conceivable that all of the foregoing material was building you up to this point. In any other tracklist configuration it wouldn't have worked anywhere near so well.


I think perhaps the fact that this is just flat-out old school death metal is what really tickles me. Between a band trying to do something new and being mediocre, and one that isn't reinventing the wheel but doing what they do really fucking well, I'd go the latter every time.


Go get this release, it's fucking good. Did I already say that? Well I really fucking mean it. Anyone into their death metal will find this a welcome addition to their collection.


DAEMONICUS's Host of Rotting Flesh is out now on ViciSolum Productions.